Gautam Tevatia

Gautam Tevatia
MBA 12

Investment Banking Associate
Goldman Sachs
San Francisco, California

Goldman Sachs
San Francisco, California

Previous degrees:
BS, Electrical Engineering, Punjab University, Chandigah, India

MS, Computer Science, University of Southern California

Job prior to Haas:
Senior Analyst
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, New York City

The broad foundation provided by the core classes, says Gautam Tevatia, "helps you appreciate all of the other business disciplines and gives you insights into what other departments are doing and what they contribute to a company's success."

"My Haas@Work client was Charles Schwab, which was perfect for me. We brainstormed a couple dozen ideas. It was great validation to find out, in our presentation, that some of our ideas tracked with things the client had already thought about. Throughout the project, our client really pushed us to innovate and be confident in our ideas."

"Handing someone your business card is the least important part of networking. Here at Berkeley Haas, we network by making friends and building relationships. It is the depth of those relationships that will matter throughout my career."

"Being a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) for three undergraduate Accounting and Finance courses helped me put both the Beyond Yourself and the Students Always principles into action. I learned from my students' viewpoints and had a feeling of ‘paying it forward' to a future generation of business leaders"

"I proposed to my girlfriend in my first semester at Berkeley Haas and got married in my second year. Between my internship and the wedding plans, it made for a crazy summer. My wife Ashley has really enjoyed the activities offered by the Haas Partners Club. She also feels embraced by the Berkeley Haas community."

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