General Management

Build a Strong Foundation in the Fundamentals

In the most successful enterprises and careers, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Being able to understand how each part of a company contributes to the success of the whole makes you a more effective leader.  

That is why our curriculum starts with a solid grounding in the fundamentals of general management: accounting and marketing, finance and strategy. Well-rounded managers with cross-functional knowledge are prepared to act on evidence and analysis. They ask the right questions, and have the tools to challenge convention in framing problems and seeking solutions.

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Rachel Adams

Rachel Adams

MBA 17

‎Senior Category Merchant Manager - Apparel/Fashion

“Berkeley Haas helped me build a solid foundation of skills in marketing, statistics, operations, communications, and leadership, upon which I could build any specialization. For this next chapter in my career, I've stepped into a cross-functional role at Amazon in the Fashion Group. The baseline of skills I built at Haas are fundamental to my ability to drive success for the apparel business, as well as to drive my own continuing success as a business leader at Amazon. I know Haas prepared me to take on the next opportunity, no matter the function or area of the company.”