Personalized Learning 

Customize with Electives, Cross Disciplines, Even Design Your Own Class

In the Berkeley MBA Program, you begin personalizing your MBA studies with elective coursework in your first year.

Our elective offerings comprise 60 percent of the curriculum, with courses such as Decision-Making with Big Data to Strategic Brand Management  to Venture Capital and Private Equity. See the full list of Berkeley MBA courses to see the wide array of options that support your MBA area of focus and your desired career path.

And if what you seek isn’t already on the list, you can partner with faculty on your own or with other students to design your own elective or develop a plan for a course of independent study.

You also have access to graduate classes throughout the University of California, Berkeley, the #1 ranked public university by US News & World Report. That includes our top-ranked schools of computer science and economics (both ranked #1), engineering (#3), public affairs (#7), and law (#10). This introduces you to other high-caliber colleagues, renowned faculty, and influential thinkers in politics, the arts, and sciences.

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Alma Rico

Alma Rico

MBA 14

Chief Operating Officer
‎Voices College-Bound Language Academies

“The opportunities for interdisciplinary connections at Berkeley are terrific. I worked on teams with students from the Goldman Center for Public Policy and the School of Public Health. I even got to take a class at the School of Law.”