East Coast Students Tell All

Join current students online as they discuss their transition from the East Coast to Berkeley Haas. Hear about how they chose to come to Haas, what to think about when making the move, and why they love the Bay Area.

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My First 50 Days at Haas

Join first-year students as they share candid stories and insights from their first 50 days in the Full-time MBA Program. From orientation week through core class finals and career week, learn what aspects of the program have excited and challenged them.

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Join current Consortium students as they share their MBA success stories and tips for the admissions process. Learn more about the many benefits of being a Consortium member and why students ultimately chose to be a part of our community.

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Join veterans and current students as they discuss what makes Haas a unique place for transitioning veterans to pursue an MBA and advance their careers. Get to know our community as students share insights into our distinctive culture and the reasons why they ultimately chose Haas.

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Applying to Haas: Current Students Tell All

Let's be honest—applying to business school is no easy task! Sometimes it's helpful to talk to someone who's already been there. Watch first-year students Ryan Twedell, Brian Bell, Alan Man, and Lauren Greenwood as they share their personal insights, strategies and tips on the MBA application process.*

Women@Haas: Admissions and Program Resources

Join Admissions and the Center for Equity, Gender and Leadership for a discussion about how we're supporting women throughout the application process and resources available to women once they get to campus. Get an introduction to how our community of men and women are working together to support gender equity in the business world and beyond.

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Admissions Tell All

The Berkeley Haas Full-time MBA Admissions Committee provides their inside tips and advice for approaching each section of your application. Get answers to some of your most frequently asked questions and set yourself up for future admissions success. We're here to help you craft your strongest application possible!

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Consortium OP Prep

The Consortium Orientation Program brings together Consortium members from across the country for a 6-day intensive career building, recruiting, and networking event. Join current students as they discuss all things OP—from how to prepare to understanding your goals and priorities throughout the week.*


Join MLT alumni and current Haas students online as they share their experiences learning about business schools, selecting where to apply, and the nuts and bolts of the admissions process. Learn what strategies they used in approaching their application—from finding your authentic voice to preparing for interviews.


Diversity is a core strength of the Haas community. We welcome all students to the table, whether you identify as straight, queer, questioning, or none of the above. Join Q@Haas student leadership as we discuss life here as an LGBTQ student or ally. Learn more about career opportunities, academics, and the variety of club activities we host throughout the year.

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Financial Aid Essentials

Join the Haas Financial Aid Office as we discuss best practices for crafting your MBA financing plan. Get an introduction to the funding options available for incoming students, including cost of attendance and detailed information regarding Haas scholarships.

Africa Business Club

Get to know one of our newly created affinity groups dedicated to Africans as well as students who are passionate about the continent. Learn more about Haas—its culture, its curriculum and its people. Hear current students discuss application tips, career preparation, post-MBA opportunities, and more!

* Disclaimer: Student speakers are not part of the Berkeley Haas Admissions Committee and do not participate in the application review process. Their insights and advice represent the experience of a few individual students, and should not be interpreted as direct guidelines from admissions.