Haas Student Ambassadors

The Haas Student Ambassadors (HSAs) are the student arm of the admissions office. As current students, we're excited to share our perspectives and help you get to know our distinct culture and collaborative community.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

VP of Admissions

Kelsey Wasserman | MBA 21

Brooklyn, New York

Prior Industry: Education; Non- Profit

Future Industry: Consulting

Haas Clubs: MBAA, Consortium, Consulting Club, Black Business Student Association, Wine Club, Beer Club

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Brewery hopping!

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: I come from a social impact background, and it was incredibly important to see myself reflected in the student body of my future school. Every person I met when I visited, regardless of prior industry, was SO kind and helpful! Having folks reach out to me throughout my application process made all the difference, and helped me know that Haas was the place for me.

Ask Me About: Consortium or MLT; leaving social impact for the great unknown!, my favorite Bay area breweries.

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Student Ambassadors

Kendall Bills | MBA 21

Charlottesville, Virginia

Prior Industry: Corporate Social Responsibility

Future Industry: Social Impact, Food, General Management

Haas Clubs: Consortium, Q@Haas, Food@Haas, Wine Club, EGAL, (Luxury Club)

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Wine/cheese tours of Marin County.

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: The students and alumni I spoke with always had such thoughtful responses about what they wanted their impact to be in their communities and the broader world. I loved how quickly I was able to have deeper conversations with people.

Ask Me About: The (unofficial) Luxury Club, careers in social impact, my amazing weird rescue dog Maggie!

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Daniel Cerda | MBA 21

Los Angeles, California

Prior Industry: M&A Consulting

Future Industry: Investment Banking

Haas Clubs: Consortium, Soccer Club (Co-President), LatinX, Lahba, Finance Club, Private Equity Club, FinTech Club, Beer Club, Q@Haas, Redwoods Club.

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Hiking with classmates on the weekend, brunching in the sunshine, and checking out all the amazing restaurants in the area.

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: At my Days at Haas I met some incredible people, both prospective students and current students, that made me realize Haas was the place for me. Everyone one was incredibly friendly, welcoming, and always open to new experiences. The weather was just an added bonus!

Ask Me About: Investment banking at Haas, hiking in the Bay Area, anything soccer (futbol) related, or whatever else comes to your mind.

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Ryan Houghton-Berry | MBA 21

London, UK

Prior Industry: Marketing

Future Industry: Brand Management or Sports Business

Haas Clubs: Sports Business Club (Co-President), Marketing Club, Venture Capital Club.

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Go to Bay Area sports games and check out local bars & breweries with friends and classmates.

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: Coming to campus for Interview Day and interacting with current students (and especially other applicants) gave me an incredible level of comfort with the Haas community. It really just felt like home.

Ask Me About: Sports at Haas, switching coasts (moved from NYC), transitioning to life in the US, Marketing & Sponsorship

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Kimberly Mendez | MBA 21

San Antonio, Texas

Prior Industry: Education; Retail

Future Industry: Consulting

Haas Clubs: Women in Leadership, Consortium, Consulting Club (Co-President), Latinx Business Club, Berkeley Board Fellows, Race Inclusion Initiative, Education Club.

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Go for a hike in Marin or concerts at the Greek.

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: When I came to campus for DAH, it was immediately obvious that the people here are what make this place so great. I felt like the current students, as well as fellow admits, really cared about getting to know me beyond where I was from and what I did for work, and it has been great to continue building those relationships now as a first year.

Ask Me About: Career switching (more than once), recruiting outside the Bay Area, coming to Haas from a non-profit, best sushi in Berkeley, which of the Trifecta you should go on (hint: all three).

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Andres Romero | MBA 21

San Salvador, El Salvador

Prior Industry: Banking & Entrepreneurship

Future Industry: Consulting

Haas Clubs: Digital Media & Entertainment, Consulting Club, LAHBA.

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Nights out in SF with friends and classmates.

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: After visiting Berkeley for DAH I could really picture myself at Haas. Not only did I like everything that the Bay Area has to offer, but I really connected with other admits. Everyone I met was not only incredibly smart, but also down to earth and fun. I immediately knew that if I came to Haas I would make lasting friendships and that my MBA journey would be so much more fulfilling as a result of this.

Ask Me About: Switching industries (multiple times), recruiting as an international student, social scene at Haas.

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Michael Shook | MBA 21

Detroit, Michigan

Prior Industry: Engineering - Oil & Gas and Automotive

Future Industry: Consulting

Haas Clubs: Haas Consulting Club, LAHBA, Q@Haas, Service@Haas, Redwoods@Haas.

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Hanging with classmates while exploring the thousands of awesome restaurants and bars around here, and waking up before 9 a.m. on Saturdays for fully-packed days of college football kickoffs.

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: It’s hard to pinpoint a specific. Intuition throughout the application process won out here -- it was a combination of attentiveness and willingness of current students while I was doing my research and the realization when I stepped on campus that Haas was truly unique in how down-to-earth and genuine (yet clearly driven) its people are. I was quickly assured that if I enrolled here, I would achieve my career goals, but do so alongside an incredible group and broader network.

Ask Me About: Moving across the continent, career switching and consulting recruiting, dating from 2,000 miles, the thriving Haas social scene, and literally *anything* else!

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Allison Slaughter | MBA 21

Evanston, Illinois

Prior Industry: Advertising

Future Industry: Food

Haas Clubs: Black Business Students Association (Co-President), Consortium, Food@Haas (VP Food Service & Hospitality).

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Morning walks around Lake Merritt.

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: When I was looking at business schools I had two key Haas student interactions.  First I chatted with a Black woman who filled me in on the Black experience at Haas, and the community’s commitment to equity fluent leadership.  Second, I connected with the incoming Food@Haas president who helped me see how many resources there were at Haas to learn about the food industry.  Now that I’m here, the genuine way my classmates are looking to get to know and support each other reminds me daily why Haas is the perfect fit.

Ask Me About: Moving from the Midwest, living in Oakland, eating in Oakland, Management Leadership for Tomorrow Prep and PD,  using AC Transit, best Berkeley coffee shops that aren’t Cafe Think (though we love it!).

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Kate Smith | MBA 21

Lexington, Massachusetts

Prior Industry: Executive recruiting/leadership advisory

Future Industry: Consulting or Corporate Strategy

Haas Clubs: Consulting Club, Berkeley Board Fellows, Net Impact, Redwoods.

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Explore all of the amazing places that are within driving distance from Berkeley and make up for 27 years on the East Coast by spending as much time outside as possible.

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: Nearly every Haas alum that I spoke to throughout the application process said that the most meaningful part of their experience was the relationships they made with their classmates. When I met current and prospective students at Interview Day and Days at Haas, I was amazed at how everyone was not only incredibly accomplished but also genuine, friendly and so welcoming. It was clear to me throughout the process that Haasies care about each other and I knew it was a community I wanted to be a part of.

Ask Me About: Moving East Coast to West Coast, career switching, the best spin classes in the Bay, what documentary to watch next, Bar of the Week.

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