Haas Student Ambassadors

The Haas Student Ambassadors (HSAs) are the student arm of the admissions office. As current students, we're excited to share our perspectives and help you get to know our distinct culture and collaborative community.

Please note that our HSAs dedicate their time to summer internships from May through August. However, they'll be back in action to host bi-weekly Virtual Information Sessions beginning in June. Check out our events page to sign up for an event led by the HSAs or admissions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email our Haas Student Ambassadors at hsa@haas.berkeley.edu.

VP of Admissions

Vishal Tummala | MBA 25

Visakhapatnam, India

Pronouns: He/Him

Undergraduate University & Major(s): UCLA, Business Economics, Minor in Mathematics

Prior Industry: Investment Management

Future Industry: Investment Banking

Haas Clubs: Haas Finance Club, Haas Investment Club, Redwoods@Haas, South Asian Business Association

Favorite thing(s) to do in the Bay Area: Hiking, skiing, and spending time outdoors year-round

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: Through my interactions with students and alumni, I came to understand Haas as a truly special place that cultivates leaders driven to make a difference and leave a legacy of positive impact in their wake. What sealed the deal for me, however, was Days at Haas, where I was able to observe the impressive diversity of voices, experience the tight-knit community first hand, and soak in the infectious culture of ambition among people here.

Ask Me About: Pursuing impact through Finance, navigating (and falling in love with) the Bay Area, and leadership opportunities at Haas.

Student Ambassadors

Margaret Chappell | MBA/MPH 25

Montclair, NJ

Pronouns: She/Her

Undergraduate University & Major(s): Georgetown University, Science, Technology and International Affairs

Prior Industry: Global Health and Fintech

Future Industry: Healthcare Consulting, Impact Investing

Involvement: Haas Healthcare Association, Healthcare Conference Planning Committee, Sustainable and Impact Finance Student Advisory Board

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Finding the best boba!

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: When I first started speaking with Haasies, I was immediately struck by how thoughtful they are. Everyone at Haas wants to contribute to social good through their careers and thinks critically about how to improve existing systems in their industries to maximize their impact. Haasies are also incredibly humble and don’t take themselves too seriously!

Ask Me About: Being a dual degree student, healthcare at Haas, social impact opportunities.

Matt Fergerson | MBA 25

San Francisco, CA

Pronouns: He/Him

Undergraduate University & Major(s): University of Michigan, Mechanical Engineering

Prior Industry: Tech (Real Estate), Consulting

Future Industry: Climate Tech

Involvement: Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC), Venture Capital Club, Partners Club, Beer Club

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Hiking the many beautiful trails, running, skiing in Tahoe, enjoying the local food scene, visiting wine country.

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: Haas’s focus on sustainability was clear from my first visit and every conversation I had with students, and I knew that I wanted to be around classmates who will be the future leaders bringing sustainability into business and solving the climate challenges we face.

Ask Me About: The Bay Area (lived and worked here for five years), transitioning into climate/sustainability, balancing MBA experience with a partner.

Aileen Ghosh | MBA 25

Ranchi, India

Pronouns: She/Her

Undergraduate University & Major(s): BITS Pilani, Information Systems

Prior Industry: Technology/Healthcare

Future Industry: Technology

Involvement: Haas Tech Club, Haas AI & Data Science Club, Asia Business Club, Haas Innovation & Design Club

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Exploring the eclectic culinary scene and spending time outdoors witnessing stunning sunsets.

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: Haas's commitment to fostering a collaborative, innovative and impactful community instantly resonated with my aspirations and values, making it my soul school!

Ask Me About: Being an international student and moving to Berkeley with a pet.

Ryan Jewe | MBA 25


Pronouns: He/Him

Undergraduate University & Major(s): Azusa Pacific University, BS Marketing, Minor in Pre-Law

Prior Industry: Human Resources in Planning & Design Consulting

Future Industry: Technology

Involvement: Consortium, Q@Haas, Haas Tech Club, Center for Social Sector Leadership, Race Inclusion Initiative

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Spending time outdoors year-round!

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: Experiencing the people and culture through in-person events and phone calls confirmed what I hoped: Haasies are genuinely friendly, compassionate, humble, impact-focused, and talented!

Ask Me About: Social events and activities!

Niveda Kumar | MBA 25

Chicago, IL

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Undergraduate University & Major(s): Indiana University Bloomington, BS in Marketing & International Business

Prior Industry: Consulting

Future Industry: Brand Management in Retail/Consumer Products

Involvement: Consortium, MBA Association, Women in Leadership

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Try all the best restaurants in Berkeley and SF!

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: When I met people at Days at Haas, I felt instantly connected to the culture of our school. Haasies care deeply about one another and their career impact beyond Haas.

Ask Me About: Pivoting from consulting, transitioning to the west coast from the midwest, and/or any of our Haas traditions or trips!

Zohair Lalani | MBA 25

SoCal/New York City, NY

Pronouns: He/Him

Undergraduate University & Major(s): Emory University, Business Administration & Human Health

Prior Industry: HR/M&A Consulting

Future Industry: Strategy Consulting/Healthcare

Involvement: Haas Consulting Club, Haas Healthcare Association, International Business Development (IBD)

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Running on the Berkeley Greenway and discovering new places to eat!

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: The “feel-good, do-good” energy at Haas is palpable the moment you step foot on campus, and being a part of a tight-knit class relative to other MBA programs was important to me as I sought professional and personal growth while building a strong sense of community.

Ask Me About: All things consulting, East Coast vs. West Coast living, Haas treks and travel, NYC/Bay Area eats.

Becca Neteler | MBA 25

Redlands, CA / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Pronouns: She/Her

Undergraduate University & Major(s): The George Washington University, Finance/Business Analytics, Minor in Economics

Prior Industry: Government

Future Industry: CPG/Retail

Involvement: Sports Business Club, Women in Leadership, Haas Marketing Club, Impact CFO Program

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Try out all the great restaurants here and enjoy being outside all year.

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: When I visited Haas, I felt like I connected with current students, other admitted students, and the culture at Haas. The mission-driven culture really resonated with me - I am continually impressed by my classmates’ desires to drive change in their fields.

Ask Me About: Moving across the country, coming to business school from government/public sector, recruiting for a non-traditional industry.

Viridiana (Viri) Santacruz | MBA 25

El Paso, Texas

Pronouns: She/Her/Ella

Undergraduate University & Major(s): Stanford University, BS Economics

Prior Industry: Impact Investing & Philanthropy

Future Industry: Social Impact Consulting

Involvement: Consortium; Latinx Business Club; Net Impact Club; Equity, Gender, and Leadership (EGAL) Board; Center for Social Sector Leadership; Race Inclusion Initiative

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Hiking and spending time outdoors, especially by the beach.

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: Spending time with alumni, current students, and future Haasies made me feel like I found my people! Haasies are humble, kind, and idealists– always looking to make the world a better place.

Ask Me About: Navigating graduate school as a first-generation student, living in the Bay Area, and social impact.