Haas Student Ambassadors

The Haas Student Ambassadors (HSAs) are the student arm of the admissions office. As current students, we're excited to share our perspectives and help you get to know our distinct culture and collaborative community.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

VP of Admissions

Nisha Garg | MBA 20

Orange, Connecticut

Prior Industry: Education & Consulting

Future Industry: Investment Banking & Early Stage VC

Haas Clubs: VP Admissions of MBAA, Haas Impact Investing Network, Judging Manager of Global Social Venture Competition, Food@Haas, Wine Club, Net Impact, Finance Club, VC Club, Education Club, Women in Leadership, Consortium, LAHBA, Language Circles (Spanish and Hindi)

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Too hard to pick one, so I narrowed to three: hiking, eating great food (the food scene here is unreal), and taking dance classes throughout the Bay Area!

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: At Days at Haas, former Dean Lyons said, "Ask students – at Haas and other schools – if they would choose to work for or with a classmate and watch their reactions." After asking around at a few schools, the reactions at Haas stood in fairly stark comparison to those elsewhere! At Haas, I saw genuine respect and admiration for one another shine through when current students responded. We are only a few months in, and I already feel like I have found lifetime friends, confidants, and future colleagues in this Haas community!

Ask Me About: Why 300 is the magic number, career switching, impact investing, living in SF/the Bay Area, having a partner at Haas, coming to Haas with a non-technical background, or any of the clubs listed above.

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Student Ambassadors

Tyler Bowen | MBA 20

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Prior Industry: Management Consulting

Future Industry: Innovative Design

Haas Clubs: Innovative Design, Marketing, Technology, Veterans

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Taking advantage of all the amazing areas around the Bay to go climbing and hiking!

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: As a member of Deloitte’s National Grad School Prep Council, I worked directly with the top 10 grad schools. All these schools are excellent but the distinctive culture of Haas immediately appealed to me. The Haas experience is all about being authentic, stretching, connecting, thinking, adapting, and making a difference. Haas is preparing me to succeed in just about any direction I want to go in my career. The connection among students and alumni is much deeper than a diploma. It's a connection based on shared values about doing good things. I cannot overstate how important it is to select the grad school that fits with you.

Ask Me About: Innovative design, company functions and industry pivots, how to navigate the existential crisis of "what do I want to do," military service, all things outdoor (climbing, snowboarding, hiking, etc.), and ANYTHING you’re too cautious to ask admissions about!

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Alex D’Agostino | MBA 20

Providence, Rhode Island

Prior Industry: Consulting

Future Industry: Design/Innovation

Haas Clubs: VP of Careers of the Haas Innovation and Design Club, Haas Tech Club, Data Science Club, VP of Sponsorship for Women in Leadership, Berkeley Board Fellow, Wine Club, Redwoods Club

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Hiking and exploring the beautiful nature around the Bay Area!

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: During the application process, I remember talking with a friend and mentor about the role of value-based leadership and value-based decision making in shaping my career and business school process. When I visited Haas and met students, it was overwhelmingly apparent to me that the community was one that deeply lives its values. I knew Haas would be a supportive and collaborative community that would support me to continue to grow as an authentic and brave leader.

Ask Me About: Switching coasts (I moved from DC!), Consulting, Design and Innovation at Haas, Thai restaurants in Berkeley, Graphic recording.

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Bela Dhamankar | MBA 20

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Prior Industry: Consulting

Future Industry: Technology

Haas Clubs: Tech Club, VP of Careers of Data Science Club, Co-President of Berkeley AI Summit, Haas Startup Squad, FinTech Club, Finance Club, VC Club, Berkeley Entrepreneurship Association

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Loading up on produce at Berkeley Bowl, having small group dinners with Haasies, watching the sunset from the Berkeley Hills, exploring coffee shops.

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: The Haas students I met while visiting for Interview Day & Days at Haas were incredibly down to earth and defied the traditional business school stereotypes. I left feeling that Haas was a place where I could truly “chart my own path” and have an extremely supportive network around me while doing so.

Ask Me About: Moving cross-country, switching careers, startups/entrepreneurship, favorite Vitamix recipes, surviving business school as an introvert.

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Lauren Greenwood | MBA 20

Sacramento, California

Prior Industry: Lobbying/Public Policy

Future Industry: Consulting/Tech

Haas Clubs: Consortium, Haas Consulting Club, Haas Tech Club, BREC, Women in Leadership, LAHBA, Wine Club

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Finding the best tacos, cafe exploring, day trips, small (and large!) gatherings with Haasies, Taco Tuesdays.

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: I attended the Diversity Symposium and throughout the day I saw firsthand how the Haas community lifts each other up and creates opportunities for people to grow. After spending time with current Haas students, guest lecturers, and alumni, I knew I wanted to embark on my two-year business school journey with this kind of team.

Ask Me About: Career switching, Haas career resources and networking, California politics, Consortium, finding your community at Haas.

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Alan Man | MBA 20

Auckland, New Zealand

Prior Industry: Accounting, Tax

Future Industry: FinTech

Haas Clubs: Co-President of Q@Haas, board member of the Center for Equity, Gender and Leadership (EGAL), Haas Manbassadors, Haas Consulting Club, Digital Media and Entertainment Club

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Going to amazing events around Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco – ones that you can only get to go whilst in the Bay Area (think epic parties, comedy clubs and night markets). Then visiting family/friends in South Bay to chill and relax.

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: As an international prospective student, it can be hard to envision yourself in business school, and to know what the local context might be. When I was getting ready to apply, I decided to use my annual leave to come visit the US business schools. And it was the best decision I made. When I came to Haas, I was immediately struck by how warm the place is (both in temperature and people)! I was lucky enough to experience the Campus Visitation Program and – having experienced how amazing everyone was – remember a distinct moment during a presentation when I realized, “Wow, I can see myself 100% fitting in and really, really want to go here” and that was the moment I knew.

Ask Me About: The LGBTQ community at Haas, being international, consulting recruiting, mobile gaming, my love of random educational YouTube videos, and Rupaul’s Drag Race.

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Tyson Johnson | MBA 20

Daykin, Nebraska

Prior Industry: Education & Non-Profit Development

Future Industry: Food Industry or Real Estate

Haas Clubs: Consortium, Food@Haas, Berkeley Energy and Resources, Berkeley Real Estate, Net Impact, Manbassadors, Beer Club, Wine Club

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: The Bay Area offers plenty of hiking, live music venues, and breweries - a few of my favorite things!

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: I had a phone call with a student who was referred to me by a former colleague. Within an hour of my phone call I was connected with four more students who could speak to my interest, and by days end I had phone calls already scheduled with three of them! The conversations that followed were so genuine – I was astounded by how enthusiastic students were to help a total stranger! The collaborative and supportive nature of the student body was evident and I knew that Haas was the right program for me.

Ask Me About: Transitioning to the Bay Area (I was in Miami for 5 years prior), switching careers, the music scene, cooking and the great food scene in the Bay!

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Eduardo Roder Moreira | MBA 20

São Paulo, Brazil

Prior Industry: Financial Services

Future Industry: Technology

Haas Clubs: Technology, Finance, Data Science, Redwoods, FinTech and LAHBA

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Getting to know other Haasies and their amazing stories.

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: I wanted an MBA that focused not only on the hard skills, but also helped me improve my soft skills and grow as a person. Haas has not only the academic support for that, but also an incredibly supportive and inspirational community. Besides that, as someone that wants to work with tech, the Bay Area is an amazing place.

Ask Me About: Switching roles, Tech industry, barbecue.

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Alix Slosberg | MBA/MPH 20

New York City, New York

Prior Industry: Economic Consulting, Global Health, Impact Investing

Future Industry: Medical Devices & Global Health, Digital Health

Haas Clubs: International Business Development, Gender Equity Initiative, Haas Healthcare Association, International Development & Enterprise Club

Favorite thing to do in the Bay Area: Basking in all of the nature in the Bay Area, exploring San Francisco and Oakland, spending time with all of the amazing Haasies.

How did you know Haas was the right place for you: Choosing Haas was an easy decision for me. From visiting campus and speaking to a ton of Haas students and alumni, I could tell that the culture at Haas was incredibly supportive, collaborative and welcoming. Haas seemed like a place where everyone was encouraged to be their authentic self, and I knew it was a community I wanted to be a part of. After only three months at Haas I feel like I have been here for a lifetime (in a good way!) and have made long-lasting friendships.

Ask Me About: Healthcare at Haas, international development and global health, moving across the country, favorite yoga studios in Berkeley, where to find the best baked goods on campus.

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