International Student Representatives

The International Student Representatives (ISRs) serve as a student resource for prospective and admitted students across the globe. We're here to ensure that no matter where our global population of students come from, they have a smooth and informed transition into their MBA and life here at Berkeley Haas. Feel free to reach out to us with regional questions such as tips for finding housing, cultural acclimation and transition, or anything else that's on your mind!

Asia-Pacific Region

Himanshi Arora | MBA 24

Hometown: Kota, India

Future Industry: Tech, Sustainability

Haas Clubs: BERC, Haas Tech Club, Women in Leadership, Wellness@Haas, SABA

Favorite memory about moving to the US: The first time I went to the Golden Gate Bridge, it was such an exhilarating and happy moment. I could feel the wind, the grandeur and the joy that I am finally here.  

Favorite thing about the Haas community: Haasies are the most incredible, warm, kind-hearted, generous and driven people I have met in my life. I have learnt so much about not only becoming a better leader, but a better human since coming to Haas, and I keep learning every day. I am grateful and honored to be a part of this beautiful community.  

Fun fact: I am a huge fan of yoga and meditation and I have traveled across Ashrams (monasteries) all over India to learn different forms of healing, meditation and modalities.

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Ojasvi Chavali | MBA 24

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Future Industry: Consulting

Haas Clubs: Haas Consulting Club (Co-President), Haas Soccer Club (Co-President)

Favorite memory about moving to the US: I’ve really loved exploring the many cool restaurants, cafes and bars around Berkeley and San Francisco!

Favorite thing about the Haas community: The people at Haas are genuinely some of the kindest, smartest and fun people you’ll ever meet! Everyone is willing to go above and beyond for each other - be it academics, recruiting or social activities! I’m so incredibly proud to be a part of such a vibrant, diverse, fun and inclusive community.

Fun fact: I’ve traveled to 35 countries in 4 continents!

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Nick Chen | MBA 24

Hometown: Singapore + Central Asia

Prior Industry: AdTech & FinTech

Future Industry: FinTech

Haas Clubs: UC Launch (Co-chair Accelerator)

Favorite memory about moving to the US: It’s a tough pick among flying a Cessna over Half Moon Bay, getting a racing license in Phoenix, rallying in snowy Issaquah, training with the Marines in Camp Pendleton, and driving cross-continent in an Old BMW.

Favorite thing about the Haas community: it’s a small yet big community. We have an incredibly tightly-knit group of talented, kind, and diverse future leaders; at the same time, the broader Haas and UC Berkeley se Eealways have your back no matter in which part of the world you are.

Fun fact: Nick’s bought and sold over 100 cars + motorcycles.

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Aman Jain | MBA 24

Hometown: Ahmedabad, India

Future Industry: Social Impact and Sustainability

Haas Clubs: Haas Consulting Club, Asia Business Club, BERC, SABA

Favorite memory about moving to the US: Landing in NYC city at 7 am and attending a famous broadway show (Kinky boots) at 10 am.

Favorite thing about the Haas community:  Haas is a close-knit family! The small class size at Haas has allowed me to build strong relationships with my amazing colleagues from diverse backgrounds. Also, when it comes to social impact and sustainability, Haas stands out to me. Many of my classmates are passionate about this area, and they motivate me every single day!

Fun fact: I love adventure - kayaking, surfing, cliff-jumping, skydiving, bungee (done!). Skiing is next on my list!

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Tianyin Shi | MBA 24

Hometown: Suzhou, China + Tokyo, Japan

Future Industry: Entrepreneurship

Haas Clubs: Venture Capital Investment Competition Committee Chair, Berkeley Entrepreneurs Association, Haas Venture Capital Club, Asia Business Club

Favorite memory about moving to the US: Mornings with tennis, dusks with golf, nights with Alicia Keys/Chainsmokers/Jimmy O. Yang, plus Haasvegas with the most lovely Haas crew!

Favorite thing about the Haas community: Every conversation with Hassies leaves me inspired but humbled.

Fun fact: “Double Bear”

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Shubham Singhal | MBA 24

Hometown: Rajasthan, India

Future Industry: Technology, FinTech

Haas Clubs: Asia Business Club, Tech Club

Favorite memory about moving to the US: Exploring the Berkeley campus at 6am in morning with new Haasies in the first week. Loved the weather and learning about the history and traditions of this place.

Favorite thing about the Haas community: Haas is a small but power packed community of people. I still get positively surprised just when I thought I knew my classmates - every week I get to know of new experiences / backgrounds people have had in the class. This is just inspiring. People are really kind and willing to help each other at every step!

Fun fact: My pet peeve is people who walk slow on a narrow lane

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Michelle Zhu | MBA 24

Hometown: Zhengzhou, China

Prior Industry: Tech IPO audit, Tech Start-up

Future Industry: Tech

Haas Clubs: Haas Technology Club, Asian American@Haas, Berkeley Entrepreneurs Association

Favorite memory about moving to the US: All the friends I met & adventures with them, and all the bold decisions I made :)

Favorite thing about the Haas community: One of the most diverse, inclusive, incredible communities I’ve ever been a member of - people are so kind, self-motivated, and humble. I’ve been very fortunate to have had conversations with the great souls here of which I’ll remember for a life-time - and more to come!

Fun fact: I’d like to become a vet or adopt as many dogs as I can when I retire

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Europe, Middle East, & Africa

Sara Alsubayie | MBA 24

Hometown: Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Future Industry: Clean Energy & Sustainability, Investment Banking

Haas Clubs: Women in Leadership (VP of Finance), Finance Club, Investment Club, Haas Arts Club. 

Favorite memory about moving to the US: Retaking a picture of myself at the Golden Gate Bridge. 25 years later!

Favorite thing about the Haas community: Haasies truly embody the four Defining Leadership Principles, it is seen in class, through discussions, within groups, and through the positive impact and aspirations they want to achieve post Haas. The community at Haas is supportive, caring, and genuine, it is what makes Haas unique!

Fun fact: I was with friends in Kauai, Hawaii walking along the cliffs of Shipwreck Beach, only  to find Justin Bieber steps away from us jumping into the beach!

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Endurance Olowo | MBA 24

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Prior Industry: Professional Services (External Audit)

Future Industry: Consulting, Clean Energy & Sustainability, Private Equity

Haas Clubs: Haas Consulting Club, Haas Africa Business Club (Co-President), Haas Black Business Students Association

Favorite memory about moving to the US: Hiking along the beach at Big Sur and visiting the Monterey Aquarium sits top of my list. Big Sur is such a magical place with beautiful scenery and calm. I made wonderful memories with fellow Haasies on the trip and would definitely recommend it, alongside the Yosemite National Park!

Favorite thing about the Haas community: Haasies are so warm, welcoming and ever willing to help. I definitely felt at home in my first weeks and this has not changed after many months.

Fun fact: I have never owned any pets. If I could own one, it would be a monkey :)

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Arnaud Paquet | MBA 24

Hometown: Brussels, Belgium

Prior Industry: Clean energy 

Future Industry: Climate tech 

Haas Clubs: Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative - BERC (Co-President), Net Impact (VP Sustainability), European Business Club (VP Alumni), Haas Sustainability Task Force 

Favorite memory about moving to the US: Going to Bend, Oregon with 20 classmates during Career Week. Definitely not my most productive week, but one the highlights of my MBA so far. I also learned that week that I had been accepted into Lean LaunchPad (best entrepreneurship class at Haas); it came in clutch!

Favorite thing about the Haas community: Haasies are above all mission-driven. Everyone here wants to make a positive impact on the world. This is reflected in the large number of people in the program who are interested in climate tech and sustainability and want to pursue their career in this field. 

Fun fact: I am a big fan of Buddhist temples and ended up visiting over 30 in Kyoto, Japan in three days.

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Latin America

Rafael Koraicho | MBA 24

Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil

Future Industry: Technology or Net Impact 

Haas Clubs: Q@Haas - VP Finance, Tech Club - VP Careers, Digital Media and Entertainment Club

Favorite memory about moving to the US: Exploring museums in New York! On my way here I stopped with my Husband in NY to celebrate our Honeymoon. Seeing Van Gogh’s Starry Night in person actually made me cry.

Favorite thing about the Haas community: How everyone here is passionate about Diversity, Sustainability and many other topics that align with my beliefs. A small community allows you to get to know everyone and I honestly feel like I found a second family here to support me 

Fun fact: I can decently speak four languages and am currently learning Hindi

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Noelia Larre | MBA 24

Hometown: Asunción, Paraguay + Montevideo, Uruguay

Future Industry: AgTech - FoodTech

Haas Clubs: Food@Haas Co-President, WIL, HTC, Innovation Design

Favorite memory about moving to the US: First time swimming in the Pacific Ocean. Going to Yosemite with all my new friends and connecting with the nature and each other.

Favorite thing about the Haas community: Haas is a community of passionate purpose driven people that welcome new ideas and helped me to see the worlds challenges from different perspectives. 

Fun fact: I am very used to moving houses and cities (all my life fits in two suitcases), this year, I have lived in 3 countries.

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Rosario Molina | MBA 24

Hometown: Salta, Argentina

Future Industry: Consulting

Haas Clubs: Latin American and Hispanic Business Association (Co-President), Women in Leadership, Haas Consulting Club, 

Favorite memory about moving to the US: first time hiking, first time camping, first time skiing, first time in Vegas, first time eating Indian food, first time cooking dumplings, a lot of first time and it is just the beginning.

Favorite thing about the Haas community: all Haasies are incredible, in just a few months they became my great friends, they are always there to help and share nice moments and chats together. Without any doubt the Haas values are seen everywhere. I am grateful to belong to this great community.

Fun fact: I'm a big fan of watching series, and I have an app that tracks all the series I watched, am watching and am waiting to watch.

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Gonzalo Schneider | MBA 24

Hometown: Santiago, Chile

Future Industry: Tech/CPG

Haas Clubs: Latin American and Hispanic Business Association , Tech Club, Marketing Club

Favorite memory about moving to the US: Dinner with friends and families from all over the world. Watching UC Berkeley beat Stanford in the Big Game. Attending NBA matches.

Favorite thing about the Haas community: It is a real community. Everyone (students, professors, office people) wants to help you and make your experience better. The program has a lot of diversity and you quickly make friends from all over the world with different backgrounds and interests. Haas is an amazing program to come with family, lots of things to do for partners and kids.

Fun fact: I acted in a TV Chilean show as a teenager.

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