Working in Teams 

Learn to Lead Collaboratively

The most admired (and successful) leaders know how to work effectively in team settings.

Starting with orientation, when you meet the other members of your study team and your larger cohort, opportunities for MBA team collaboration abound to hone this leadership skill in the classroom, on applied innovation projects, and in everyday life.   

Our Teams@Haas curriculum—designed to enhance the collaborative leadership capabilities that result in stronger team outcomes—weaves science-based collaboration skills into every learning experience during your time at Berkeley Haas. You build “scaffolds” for giving and receiving feedback, diagnosing team dynamics, and knowing when to pivot, whether working on a class project or with a consulting client.

Our inclusive culture emphasizes empathy and communication in an environment where everyone feels comfortable taking risks and speaking up.

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Jes Deputy

Jes Deputy


Clinical Practice Consultant
Kaiser Permanente

“In my first-year study group, I was teamed with another woman with a strategic consulting background, a German banker, a finance guy from New York, and a start-up founder from Korea. We couldn’t have been more diverse, and we soon realized that our team represented the skills and knowledge needed to tackle any problem.”