A Rigorous and Interdisciplinary MBA Curriculum

Everything we do here has one goal: to help you develop as a leader who is capable of turning innovation into impact.

Our rigorous curriculum takes an interdisciplinary approach to business fundamentals, so you can move seamlessly from “what is” to “what could be.” It steeps you in different ways of thinking and in multiple perspectives, and reinforces your growing knowledge with experiential learning opportunities.

The 12 required courses in the core curriculum build on one another to foster mastery of the analytical tools and essential knowledge to lead successfully. Beyond the core, you’ll have the freedom to tailor the majority of your MBA studies to achieve your goals and passions.

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First Year
Fall A
Weeks 1-7
Data and Decisions
Become a critical consumer of statistical analysis
Leading People
Learn to motivate and influence
Leadership Communication
The fundamentals of public speaking in today's business environment
Economics for Business Decision Making
Learn to think systematically about achieving competitive advantage
Fall B
Weeks 9-15
Financial Accounting
Gain a clear understanding of financial statements
Introduction to Finance
Value assets and evaluate risk
Look Strategically at marketing decisions
Ethics and Responsibility in Business
Anticipate, critically analyze, and appropriately respond to the challenges that face managers
Spring A
Weeks 1-7
Macroeconomics in the Global Economy
Develop and apply models of the world's economies to explain trends and fluctuations
Strategic, operational, and tactical issues facing manufacturing and service companies
Option to fulfill applied Innovation requirement (may also be completed in Spring B)
Focus on an area of emphasis, sharpen specific skills, and gain specialized knowledge
Spring B
Weeks 9-15
Fundamentals of Design Thinking
Solve business problems with a non-traditional problem-solving approach
Strategic Leadership
Core topics in strategy, such as selection of goals, the choice of products and services to offer and competitive positioning
Option to fulfill Applied Innovation requirement (may also be completed in Spring A)