International Students 

Over a third of Berkeley Haas MBA students are from outside of the United States, representing over 30 countries.

International students bring to Haas a wealth of diverse perspectives and professional experiences. Their contributions to classroom learning and engagement in social activities enhance the MBA experience for domestic and international students alike. 

International and Cultural Clubs

Connect with our student clubs to learn more about the international and cultural learning experience at Berkeley Haas.

Conferences on International Business

These annual events are prime opportunities for Berkeley MBA students to network, explore, and learn about business in different countries and cultures.

Scholarships for International Students

The David S. Ng Fellowships

Provided by the generosity of David S. Ng, this $110,000 scholarship is awarded to students who exhibit strong potential for business, economic, or governmental leadership in their home country.

Dr. Tahir Fellowships

Provided by the generosity of Dr. Dato' Sri Tahir, this scholarship for $40,000 is awarded to international students with a preference for those who completed their undergraduate education in Asia.

The Ulatowski Fellowship

Provided by the generosity of Tomek Ulatowski, this fellowship covers up to the cost of tuition and fees and will is awarded to students who completed their undergraduate degree in Poland with a preference for those intending to return to Poland after graduation.

Learn more about these scholarships and how to apply.

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