Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Andy Kang

Andy Kang

MBA 18

Strategy and Analytics Manager

Real clients, real impact

For my International Business Development class, I found myself in Hong Kong for an external for-profit engagement. It was here that I not only learned the different roles that people play in consulting engagements and how to structure a client relationship and expectations, but I also made some of my best friends.

We recommended that our client enter into a strategic partnership or consider an acquisition. A couple weeks later, I opened up LinkedIn to see our client announce the acquisition that we had recommended. It was gratifying to see that I had made a useful contribution.

Opportunities to pivot in both function and field

Working in the finance and airline industries, I knew I wanted to make a switch in both function and field. With an MBA, I have more opportunities to pivot in both ways. My long-term goal is to do strategy at a tech company, and an MBA is allowing me to pursue both of those together.

Pre-MBA I learned a lot about finance, but with an MBA I feel like I have a skillset to go into any industry and approach different problems in a structured way; I'm learning how to look at markets, understand industry trends, and evaluate consumer or competitor behavior. Haas has given me different frameworks for problem-solving.

Joining a community that cares about impact

The moment I came to welcome weekend and met all the great people here, I knew I was at home. It was an "aha" moment for me, because these were people I could call family even while being thousands of miles apart from my own family on the East Coast.

At Haas, I'm surrounded by a shared passion to be a better person and to pay it forward. Prior to Haas I was always committed to giving back to others; I've helped create a nonprofit in Atlanta and did a lot of volunteering at a hospital in my formative years. That desire to be a great and good business leader is a strong shared tie among Haas students.

Choosing your MBA environment

The Bay Area is an ecosystem of cutting-edge companies that are at the forefront of innovation. I wanted to be part of that, and I knew Haas' location, as well as its reputation, would help me connect with that world.

Learning and strengthening your leadership style

Haas has made me a better leader by helping me craft my own leadership style. I do well in positions where I'm relating to others, and I find I can inspire and motivate people more when I come from a place of empathy. Through this self-discovery I've learned how to engage my teams on a deeper level and bring the best out of all of us.

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