Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Kelly Cure

Kelly Cure

MBA 21

Co-founder and Head of Growth

This is a ‘new world’ MBA program that values creative perspectives.

After being a management consultant and then a social entrepreneur in Eswatini (Swaziland) I wanted to challenge myself, to fill out my knowledge base, and connect with a community of entrepreneurs.

My application essay focused on why so many big companies’ hiring processes often neglect characteristics that make a great employee. They miss out on amazing talent pools of diverse, motivated people. I came to Haas with this question, and at, we’re starting to answer it.

At, we want to change how companies hire in ways that promote diversity and move more applicants into roles where they can have an impact in their careers. We focus on helping companies hire based on applicant motivation, skills, and potential, and on connecting applicants to upwardly mobile careers they love.

Curriculum, community & connections for entrepreneurs

My classroom experience in Startup Sales with Joe Wadcan was compelling and relevant, and outside the classroom as an advisor, his support has been incredibly more valuable. In a critical time while we’re raising funding he has opened his network to us and is a phenomenal mentor.

I love that there are more alumni auditing People Analytics—a class about reducing bias in algorithms and making data-driven decisions that include the human element—than current students. That speaks to Haas alumni being Students Always and to their commitment to doing good in the world. Plus, their real-world insight in the classroom is amazing.

Whether classmates are working on their own social ventures or going to work for big tech, Haasies have a level of concern for impact that’s truly beyond themselves. I’m continuously humbled and excited by this.

Beyond Yourself shows up in the classroom all the time—whether we’re in person or online. People step up to have their say, then step back to let others in on the conversation. We also have this incredible, positive vibe that’s infectious—a super-inclusive group.

Creative, collaborative culture

Berkeley Haas cares less about your test scores and more about you as a person, what you have already accomplished and, most importantly, what you want to achieve.

Collaborative can be a tired buzzword, but to the extent that I’ve received help and seen others going beyond to help classmates get ahead, it’s in full effect at Haas!

Having to switch to online classes was a shame, especially for extroverts like me who love a big crowd. But it also strengthened my connections to my ‘Bay Area family,’ the entrepreneurship community, and my neighborhood.

You can ask our community on Slack anything and get results. When I needed access to a car but didn’t want to buy one, I asked if anyone had excess car capacity. Many people responded, and we came up with a creative car-sharing arrangement.

A weekly dance class I started for my classmates became a point of sanity during the pandemic. We met at a safe distance in a local park. I loved the creativity of being able to choreograph and the joy it gave us all. We plan to stage a recital at graduation!

To hear more about Kelly's journey to Haas, check out her episode of the Here at Haas podcast

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