Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Claudia Silva Fajuri

Claudia Silva Fajuri

MBA 17

Sustainable Strategist

Choosing the Bay Area to drive global growth

I wanted to establish my career in the Bay Area because I knew I would have access to bigger resources than I would back home in Chile. I'd also have a more global platform to quickly apply what I learned at Haas.

I have the opportunity to have a global impact here. A lot of the things that are driving global growth are happening in the Bay Area, and I get to be surrounded by innovative people and exciting technology.

An MBA prepares you for a career in asset management

At Haas, I gained both the hard and soft skills that were vital in my recruiting process.

Haas helped me transition from working as a PM of Equities to serving in a more strategic/broad role within Fixed Income; it brought me up to speed in different asset classes, current industry trends and different investment philosophies. It also helped me develop useful managerial and leadership skills.

Becoming a leader who drives and collaborates

Leadership is a combination of being able to drive and also to collaborate. You want to have good ideas, as well as be able to motivate others to work towards common goals.

At Haas, leading was one of the main skills I practiced. I was co-president of the investment club and a peer advisor on the career management team. Both experiences helped me develop my leadership skills, as I coordinated big events (such as the Warren Buffett trek and visits to different asset managers), and mentored other students interested in asset management.

Learning from diverse MBA peers and mentors

My finance professors, Annette Vissing-Jorgensen and Adair Morse, are examples of smart and strong women, driving important changes in the financial industry. Both are role models for me.

In Socially Responsible Investing many of my classmates came from backgrounds outside investing, and that really enhanced our class discussions. Their perspectives taught me different practices and regulations in other cultures. They helped me understand the full picture.

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