Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Chasen Goudeau

Chasen Goudeau

MBA 15

Manager Strategy & Operations
Deloitte Consulting

Prepared to deal with ambiguity

The Berkeley MBA curriculum taught me how to identify client problems and offer solutions tailored to their needs. In particular, the IBD Program provided me the opportunity to experience work in a highly ambiguous environment—such is the life of a consultant.

My internship at Deloitte prepared me for my full-time role, because I was able to hit the ground running on Day 1 of my first engagement. Additionally, I already had a network in place so that I could reach out to former colleagues to identify projects that would suit my interests.

What's expected of you as a consultant

Private Equity was probably one of the most rewarding classes I took. It’s a very challenging course because you are "cold-called" and expected to opine on industries or businesses that you are completely unfamiliar with. That fast-paced course taught me how to focus on the things that matter and to speak on those things with a high degree of confidence. This is essentially what is expected of you as a consultant.

I’m so pleased that my International Business Development project, creating a go-to-market strategy for an enterprise software company in India, was my first consulting project. It set me up to be immediately productive in my internship.

Professor Lucas Davis brought statistics to life. It’s not all graphs and formulas. He showed us how statistics inform business decisions.

Recruiting in the consulting sector is rough; rejection is a blow to your confidence. But the Career Coaches, alumni, and my classmates were there to help me fine-tune my approach and learn from my mistakes. The result was an internship with Deloitte.

Berkeley MBA students: amazing, unassuming

Berkeley Haas students don’t lead with their resumes. Everyone is unassuming and humble, even when they’ve done amazing things, like co-founding successful businesses or landing numerous internship offers before even starting school.

The culture differentiates Berkeley Haas from other business schools. Here, it’s OK to be vulnerable, to say "I don’t understand." It’s OK not to be OK all the time.

The business world is not homogeneous, and the underrepresentation of certain ethnicities and cultures in business schools needs to change. Participating in the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management is one way Berkeley Haas is addressing that and ensuring business leaders reflect the market diversity.

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