Aasif Musa

Moritz Plischke
MBA 12

Senior Associate
McKinsey & Company Washington, D.C.

Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany
Berlin, Germany

Previous degree:
BA, Political Science & East Asian Studies, Yale University

Job prior to Haas:
Program Analyst
The Executive Office of the Mayor
Washington, D.C.

Moritz Plischke is intrigued at the potential of applying Berkeley Innovative Leader Development skillsets—like managing by using data—in the nonprofit and public sectors. Doing a public sector fellowship convinced him that it could be done; by getting his MBA at Berkeley Haas, he gained the skills and expertise to go out and do it.

"I had a fair amount of business experience, but it had all been ad hoc, situational. I lacked a solid foundation in many aspects of business. My Berkeley MBA studies gave me the comprehensive, academic, and practical foundation I was looking for."

"The situation we addressed in the Education Leadership Case Competition required Questioning the Status Quo. We had to figure out how to transfer knowledge on a large scale in a city school system, without a big budget, and through building low-cost tools that were scalable."

"I focused my electives on social sector management, entrepreneurship, and technology. My classes were the perfect fusion of practical and theoretical knowledge."

"The Problem Finding, Problem Solving class is a great example of Berkeley Haas being an innovative place. Instead of being presented with a problem and solving it, we learned how to ferret out the problems in the first place."

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