Aasif Musa

Aasif Musa
MBA 13

Goldman Sachs
San Francisco, California

Previous degree:
BS, Business Administration, University of Michigan

Job prior to Haas:
Versa Capital Management
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Aasif Musa chose Berkeley Haas for two reasons. First was its Bay Area location. "I want to have more of a focus in technology within my finance career, and the Bay Area has a tremendous focus on technology and innovation," he explains. Second was the people. "Everyone is so motivated and passionate about their aspirations while being so down to earth and friendly at the same time," he adds.

"My classmates are intelligent, motivated and very energetic. The relationships and connections I am making here are the most valuable part of the program."

"In his Macroeconomics course, Professor David Levine used actual headlines to teach us through real events. For example, we followed the European sovereign debt crisis and the growth trends in India and China. It was a powerful way to learn what might otherwise have been dry concepts."

"Being a Student Always means accepting that you will never have the answers to all of the questions. That is really just an opportunity to expand your knowledge all the time.

"My experiential learning class was Real Estate Investment and Market Analysis. The guest speakers were fantastic, many of them local developers who have invested millions into the Bay Area. My project focused determining the best use of a lot at Berkeley Crossing: should it be a parking facility, a building, if a building, what kind? We had to deal with zoning restrictions, neighbors' concerns and with a lot of bureaucracy—just like on a real project."

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