Stephanie Lawrence

Stephanie Lawrence
MBA 13

Mountain View, California

Previous degree:
BA, Sociology and Environmental Studies, Dartmouth University

Job prior to Haas:
Non-profit Consultant
Steph Lawrence Consulting
San Francisco, California

Stephanie Lawrence has taken several steps toward making her idea for Traveling Spoon—an online service helping travelers explore local cultures through food—a reality while studying at Haas. She found a business partner among her classmates and worked on the concept in her Entrepreneurship class, and even organized a traditional Indian dinner for eight of her classmates on the 2012 India trek. Next year, she has a more ambitious beta test in mind on a trek to Thailand and Vietnam.

"When I think about the opportunities I have already had thanks to Berkeley Haas—my internship, meeting my business partner and working on my start-up in the Entrepreneurship class, meeting so many wonderful people—it is impossible to put a value on this experience."

"My professors embody the Students Always principle. They are so open; it is standard practice for professors to make mid-term adjustments to their classes in response to our feedback. As accomplished as they, they are open to learning and adapting."

"The Personal Branding seminar offered by the Career Management Group was truly memorable. It changed the way I think about myself."

"The Berkeley Haas student community is the first thing I talk about when someone asks me about the program. They are endlessly supportive and cooperative, really committed to seeing everyone succeed."

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