David Felts

David Felts
MBA 13

Boston Consulting Group
San Francisco, California

Previous degree:
BS, Finance, Grove City College

Job prior to Haas:
Charlotte, North Carolina

For David Felts, the Bay Area is a "hotbed of economic drivers," which also makes it the perfect place to entice venture capitalists, CEOs and entrepreneurs—many of them Berkeley Haas alumni—back to campus for informal talks and presentations. Felts made good use of that network as co-president of the Consulting Club and for expanding his own professional network.

"The interview process for consulting internships is arduous, and the competition is fierce. But even here, the defining principle Confidence Without Attitude won out. We had informal Friday prep sessions where we reviewed case studies, shared resources and coached each other. We helped every one of us be as prepared as possible."

"The Problem Finding, Problem Solving class gave me a whole new way of thinking that I have been using in all of my other classes."

"Some of my family members wondered if a business school at UC Berkeley—with its anti-establishment reputation—wasn't an oxymoron. But I was excited to know that I wouldn't have to compromise either my social values or my belief in the good business and industry can do in society."

"The Southeast Asia trek took us to Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines, where we were hosted by classmates who were so excited about showing off their countries. We really got off the beaten path and were treated incredibly well."

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