Christine Lin

Christine Lin
MBA 12

Product Manager, Digital Goods
San Jose, California

Product Marketing Manager
Cupertino, California

Previous degrees:
B.S., Engineering
B.S., Art & Design
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

Job prior to Haas:
Program Manager
Workstations R&D
Hewlett-Packard Company
Fort Collins, Colorado

Christine Lin started using Apple computers when she was five years old. Her admiration for the company and its products grew as she honed her skills in both technology and design. Lin still uses many Apple products, and now she is seeing Apple from the inside, as an intern, putting the frameworks and knowledge gained in her core classes at Berkeley Haas to good use in her assignments.

"I want to move my career in the direction of marketing because it uses both my creative and analytical skills. A marketing position in a tech company is particularly exciting because you can see the impact on people's lives."

"Guest speakers bring the workplace into the classroom. I remember listening to a manager form Levi Strauss tell our Ethics class how the company handled a labor dilemma at a U.S. plant that would eventually affect all of its plants worldwide. He really gave us insights into what was going on at the time."

"The Entrepreneurship class, where I worked on a business plan for peer-to-peer car sharing, allowed me to test my skills in subjects like Accounting and Finance in a real-world situation. The experience solidified my skills and gave me insight into the world of entrepreneurship and venture capital."

"Before I came to Berkeley Haas I sometimes experienced friction and frustration on the job because decisions were simply announced, without explanation. There was no transparency into how the decisions were made. Now, I have more insight into what goes into business decisions. I can see a company from a more holistic viewpoint."

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