Alison Brock

Alison Brock
MBA 13

American Express
New York, New York

Previous degree:
BA, Journalism, Howard University

Job prior to Haas:
Consumer Product Specialist
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia

Alison Brock was ready for a change in her career—from marketing into the social impact sector. She was ready to accelerate her career. And she was ready to try life on the West Coast. She hit a triple by enrolling in the Full-Time Berkeley MBA Program, and couldn't have been happier to have the opportunity to push herself and reach for her dreams.

"I appreciate the BILD experiential requirement (Berkeley Innovative Leader Development) at Berkeley Haas. Putting the lessons from the lectures in my Strategy and Marketing classes into action gave me so much confidence in my abilities. Hands-on is the best way to learn."

"My Corporate Social Responsibility project reinforced the importance of social impact initiatives in the for-profit sector. My team worked with a textile firm that wanted to integrate sustainability principles as it launched a new, private label line of yoga apparel."

"Professor Sarah Beckman's class in Problem Finding, Problem Solving gave me a great framework that I used as a Berkeley Board Fellow working with the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul of Alameda County."

"Being Students Always means being open to new information and being willing to admit you don't know everything. Sometimes having a good question is better than having a good answer."

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