Raj Brahmbhatt

Raj Brahmbhatt
MBA 13

Oakland, California

Previous degrees:
BS, Finance & Marketing, Stern School of Business, New York University

Job prior to Haas:
Managing Partner
New World Beverages
New York, New York

As an undergrad, Raj Brahmbhatt enjoyed brand management and marketing, but his first work experience led him into investment banking. All the advice he received about moving into the consumer product world involved working with a small company. For the company, he chose a micro-brewery started by a college friend. For his MBA, he chose Berkeley Haas for the strength of its brand, reputation and sense of community.

"I first learned about Berkeley Haas from a colleague at JP Morgan, Bill Rindfuss, who now heads strategic programs in the Haas Finance Group. In fact, it was he who introduced me to Nestlé, where I am interning. That's a great example of the Haas network in action."

"Coming from an investment banking background, I was familiar with building complex financial models in Excel. It was a revelation to learn how to build simple and intuitive models in Designing Financial Models That Work. Professor Sarah Tasker helped me understand how to demystify finance models for people who don't live and breathe finance."

"Being able to take an elective like Strategic Brand management in the spring semester of my first year was important preparation for my internships. I would not have had that advantage at another school."

"I liked the half-semester length of each of the core courses. It was just the right amount of time to give you the basics and is a good way to sample a lot of things before deciding which electives you want to pursue."

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