Laura Bentzien

Laura Bentzien
MBA 12

Account Manager
Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach, California

Previous degrees
BS, Business, University of Minnesota

Job prior to Haas:
Senior Investment Analyst
Northwestern Mutual Capital
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Coming from the Midwest, Laura Bentzien considered it normal to have Confidence Without Attitude. She was pleased to see that it is “very real here. People are humble about having done some amazing things."

“There is no judging, no competing among my classmates. We are all here to learn, as much from each other as from our professors. Confidence Without Attitude is more than a Defining Principle; it is a given."

“From my angle, the flexibility of the Berkeley MBA curriculum is what makes it work. The core classes give you a great foundation, and then you can tailor your degree with choices from a wide range of electives."

“Experiential learning is a valuable way to apply what you learn in the classroom, to see what works and what doesn't, to see how it all fits together."

“I took Real Estate Development with Professor Nancy Wallace for my experiential requirement. We worked with the owners of a piece of land in downtown Berkeley that could be the site of a new UC Berkeley Executive Education Center. We did everything from talk with architects and city planners to research growth trends for executive education. It was fascinating and all very real."

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