Vivian Weng

Vivian Weng
MBA 09

Innovation Strategy Group

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Her desire to explore a wide range of career and leadership opportunities drew Vivian Weng to Haas. She also wanted to improve her ability to balance work demands with her personal life. Her Haas classes satisfied the first goal; painting classes during a semester spent in Paris put her on the path to achieving the second.

"Haas taught me to be more patient and to broaden my vision. I got to know, worked with, and was inspired by people from so many different backgrounds. My classmates were always so willing to help me become a better person by sharing with me their perspectives and knowledge. Thanks to my experiences at Haas I realize that true leadership is not about what we say or do; rather, it's about how we inspire others to act."

"I had never worked with a nonprofit organization until I did a class project to establish a performance management system. It gave me a safe place to explore and meet the challenges of working in a new environment and solving problems faced by nonprofits in ways that matched the culture."

"Haas offers a tremendous number of options and opportunities. This makes it an ideal place to explore your career choices. I attended presentations by all sorts of companies, from traditional investment banks to high-tech startups. In the Marketing Case Competition, I worked on topics as different as a shaver and the iPhone."

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