Kathryn Wendell

Kathryn Wendell
MBA 10

Corporate Responsibility Specialist
Chevron Corporation
San Ramon, California

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As a Gap Fellow, Kathryn Wendell explored with Gap Inc. staff how the firm could incorporate cleaner, more environmentally friendly fibers in its clothing lines. "It was a great opportunity to demonstrate how to apply socially responsible business skills in a for-profit setting," she says.

"Professor Kellie McElhany's class is for anyone interested in corporate social responsibility. It is both strategic and project-oriented. You learn from and work with people from all of the big names in the sector — Dow Chemicals, eBay, Wal-Mart — and collaborate on their current initiatives. It's great for establishing contacts and your own credentials. The opportunity to work directly with one of the world's most progressive and powerful VPs of Sustainability — at Wal-Mart — on a project for my class in Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility was incredibly exciting!"

"Through the Clean Tech to Market program with the Lawrence Livermore National Lab, I was part of a team working on how to commercialize a technology to remove arsenic from drinking water. My team brought together grad students in public health, public policy, and engineering. The business plan we developed is being used right now. It's great to know I may have played a role in bring cleaner drinking water to people in West Bengal."

"My team in the Net Impact competition was the perfect example of the diversity of experience among Haas students. We had someone with branding experience, a former management consultant with outstanding presentation skills. Someone else brought strong financial modeling expertise, and I contributed my knowledge in environmental conservation. Every Haas student was confident in his or her ability to master the material, eager to work with others and find out how much more we could learn from blending our unique perspectives and skills."

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