Naveen Sikka

Naveen Sikka
MBA 09

TerViva BioEnergy
San Francisco, California

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Naveen Sikka's career transition accelerated the moment he arrived on campus and signed up for a Haas@Work program with SunPower. Haas, Sikka says, "is the world's best business school" to lay the foundation for a career in the alternative energy sector.

"Clean Tech to Market is the training ground for the next generation of alternative energy leaders, from both the technology and business perspectives. Where else can teams of students in law, business, public policy, and engineering work in close coordination with some of the best brains at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory."

"The supportive, nurturing environment at Haas encourages you to follow your dreams. Nothing can top the brilliant, bold, and supportive classmates you find there. The class called Creativity and Personal Mastery was an amazing experience. It gave us an opportunity to explore our personal and professional goals in a cohesive manner. It helped define my path of studies and activities in my second year at Haas."

My classmates were almost as invested in my job search as I was, constantly offering advice and referrals. They were ready to do anything short of going to my interviews in my place."

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