Michaela Rodeno

Arun Sarin
MBA 78

Former CEO
Vodafone Group Plc
London, United Kingdom

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Arun Sarin has built a legacy as a strategist, operations genius, and visionary at the forefront of the wireless industry. Sarin was appointed head of London-based Vodafone, the world's second largest cell phone company, in 2003, serving as CEO for five years.

As someone who has devoted much of his career to linking people together, Sarin believes in the power of connections, including those found through the Haas Alumni Network, which he calls "very supportive," adding, "It is part of coming to Haas: it will help to propel your career in time." As an alumnus, Sarin still comes to Haas and often makes time to share his wisdom with current students.

About business, Sarin says, "It is not about money, greed, and power. It is about doing something bigger than yourself." He notes that under his leadership, Vodafone did business in 27 countries around the world and had 150 million customers. Being a responsible business leader is tremendously important to Sarin. In fact, he believes, "The key difference between Haas and any other business school is Haas produces leaders with a heart — leaders who are going to leave the world a better place."

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