Karen Salvini

Karen Salvini
MBA 09

Program Manager
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley, California

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Thanks to the "Green Event Toolkit" Karen Salvini developed in her first year, the "consumption functions" and other student-led events generate a fraction of the trash they used to. Compostable plates and utensils, fewer bottles of water, and a good deal of organization by Karen helped Haas align its behavior to its reputation in the sustainability sector.

"Berkeley is an ideal place to study sustainability. Two classmates and I developed a sustainability index in our Metrics of Sustainability class. Rather than simply rating companies on different dimensions, we laid the groundwork for actually monetizing a company's performance on key criteria: financial, social, and environmental sustainability."

"Coming from a career in government, I didn't have much of a bottom-line perspective. I also wanted to gain more of the business and management skills needed for a career in corporate social responsibility. The Haas Alumni Network was a great way to network with less pressure and better results. In fact, I got my internship through a Haas Alum."

"Haas was very inclusive of partners. In addition, the Partners Club provided a support group and activities. My husband felt so welcome and comfortable being involved at Haas that in the beginning some people thought he was a student!"

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