Jacob Rios

Jacob Rios
MBA 09

Product Manager, Audio
San Francisco, California

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Thousands of music festivals are held annually in the US, many of them unprofitable. Jacob Rios indulged his love of music and put what he learned in his Pricing class to use on a project for Another Planet, an event promoter. He and his team determined the optimal ticket prices for two Bay Area events: the Outside Lands Music & Arts and the Treasure Island Music festivals.

"There was no pressure at Haas to take the traditional path. I was encouraged to take more risk in my career. I was surprised to find out how much I enjoyed the softer skills classes, like Organizational Behavior and Negotiations. I came from a real engineering background, so those were new ground for me."

"Being a Mayfield Fellow was a great way for me to achieve one of my primary goals at Haas: to naturally become part of the technology, venture capital, and startup communities within Silicon Valley."

"A lot of people have stood up for me in my life and career. Helping to organize the Diversity in Business Conference at Haas was a way of giving back some of their generosity. It was also an opportunity to get a lot of people in the room talking about the competitive advantages businesses can get from diverse workers."

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