Carlos Penzini

Carlos Penzini
MBA 07

Vice President, Strategy & Business Development
Viacom International Media Networks
Miami, Florida

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Carlos Penzini and his family reveled in the cultural offerings available at Berkeley. Trading babysitting with Haas classmates, they enjoyed world-class performers at Zellerbach Auditorium on campus and were frequent visitors to the Lawrence Hall of Science. Though home is Venezuela, having moved only across the Bay from Berkeley to San Francisco after graduation, the family is putting down roots in the place Penzini continues to believe is "the epicenter of innovation."

"I have been following Silicon Valley on the news and in magazines ever since my childhood. This is where the action is. I knew I had to be here.

"As we were packing, my wife told herself that it would only be for two years. Then we could come home. Within a couple of weeks of our arrival at Berkeley, we knew we could happily stay here forever.

"My wife was active in the Partners Club, and Haas Kids was great for my son. As first-year students, most of us were new to the area, so we made friends quickly."

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