Urvi Parehk

Urvi Parehk
MBA 09

Renewable Energy Development
Menlo Park, California

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Urvi Parekh was excited when the Energy and Environmental Markets class she was taking at Haas offered students the opportunity to run their own version of the Independent System Operator, the group that manages the California energy market. Parekh knows about energy—particularly clean energy. She was named a 2008 Switzer Fellow by the Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation for her achievements in environmental leadership.

“When I came to Haas I had never worked in the private sector; all of my experience was as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Energy. My first goal here was to find out what I didn’t know, then to figure out how to make myself more valuable to the industry.”

“When we launched the Berkeley Energy Resources Center Alumni Network, I was amazed to see the reach of Berkeley and Haas into major energy companies, as well as innovative start-ups. I seemed to find alumni in every energy company in the Bay Area.”

“I like being a decision-maker. The courses and extra-curricular activities at Haas are very action-oriented. I appreciate that students are encouraged to make decisions and deliver actionable results.”

“The courses on energy issues—at Haas and other schools at Berkeley—were a big draw for me. For example, the Project Finance class taught us the legal and regulatory side, the public policy side and the quantitative side of the subject. It mimicked the way a deal would be developed in the real world.”

“I’ve probably had at least 15 informational interviews with Berkeley alumni this semester alone. Without fail, they have been reassuring and supportive.”

“One of my favorite activities lately was volunteering with Grid Alternatives to install solar panels on peoples’ homes. It was great to bring together my passion for renewable energy and my commitment to helping the community.”

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