Michael P. Martin

Michael P. Martin
MBA 09

Business Development & Planning Engineer
New Orleans, Louisiana

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At the conclusion of the Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC), seeing the room packed with MBA students from around the world, and the VCs and content experts he had recruited as judges, made all of Michael Martin's hard work as co-chair of the event worth it. It was, he says, "one of the greatest experiences I had at Haas."

"I could never have gotten such qualified and concerned judges for the GSVC without the Haas Alumni Network. It opened all kinds of doors. People were extraordinarily willing to engage. From my first time on campus for an information session, when an alum saw me carrying my suitcase to the BART station train and made sure I was headed in the right direction, I felt welcomed and at home."

"Everyone I met at Haas aspires to make a difference, professionally and personally. As a whole — faculty, students, and administration — Haas is not willing to rest on its laurels. It is always striving to improve, driving for change."

"My semester-long Haas@Work project with SunPower was innovation in motion. The work was collaborative, thought-provoking, and the most important reward — it was hands-on. It also put me a step ahead when it came to job interviews; it gave me something real I could point to as an accomplishment."

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