Sabrina Ko

Sabrina Ko
MBA 07

Director, Product Management
San Francisco, CA

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"I love the fast pace of entrepreneurial innovation in the technology sector," says Sabrina Ko. "If you blink, the landscape has changed." Ko lived in that fast lane and witnessed the entrepreneurial spirit ingrained in Berkeley MBAs when she worked as a product manager at Achex, a startup founded by Haas alumni and bought by First Data Corp. After enrolling at Haas, in the Management of Technology (MOT) Program, Ko appreciated its integrated approach, which brings together the expertise of professors from Haas, the College of Engineering, and the School of Information.

"Berkeley is one of only a few universities whose graduate programs in both engineering and business rank in the top 10," she notes. "The collaboration between the schools fosters new ideas and innovation. Students from the other disciplines bring different experiences and perspectives to every subject."

An MOT China Fellow, she studied the state of technology in China during her second year and traveled there over winter break. "My mother came from a small village in the south of China, where they didn't even have electricity. It's exciting to think that I might be part of advancing the quality of life there." she says.

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