Glodine Jourdan

Glodine Jourdan
MBA 10

Assistant Brand Manager
Avon Color
New York City, New York

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According to Glodine Jourdan, even something as simple as a visit to the Facebook offices in Silicon Valley gives Haas students an opportunity to learn — about themselves. "The conversation en route and during dinner," says Jourdan, "was exceptional, ranging from career options to business plan ideas, to life in general."

"I couldn't have made it through my first semester without the support of my study group. We all had core competencies in different areas, so together, we were the complete package."

"I started business school thinking I would move into portfolio management. I reconsidered that because one of my professors, Rashi Glazer, really sparked my interest in marketing and brand management."

"The Haas Alumni Network was essential to understanding what people who had been in my shoes were doing now and how they made that transition from school to work. I spoke to one woman who works in the cosmetics industry. She was incredibly open about sharing her challenges, not just professional, but personal."

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