Gabriel Jinich

Gabriel Jinich
MBA 10

Strategy Manager
San Jose, California

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Each year, the Mayfield Fund, a leading VC firm, and the Haas Management of Technology program select Berkeley MBA and graduate engineering students to be Mayfield Fellows. Gabriel Jinich, one of the 2009 Mayfield Fellows, says the program "plugs you into Silicon Valley as quickly as possible."

"Being a Mayfield Fellow gave me a head start on reaching my career goals by connecting me with mentors in the VC community and the Haas Alumni Network. I learned about companies I never would have found on my own and was able to contact them about summer internship opportunities."

"The brilliance of the Management of Technology program is that it mimics, in an academic setting, how a lot of innovation happens. Engineers come up with the idea and business people figure out how to bring it to market. We did the same thing as engineering and business students."

"The idea generation events sponsored by the Entrepreneurship Association are an example of innovation in action at Haas. Students from all of the grad schools at Berkeley come together to brainstorm and pitch ideas. Sometimes we would coalesce around one idea and move it forward. It was a low-pressure opportunity to go from idea to opportunity in a supportive environment."

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