Carrie Hurwitz

Carrie Hurwitz
MBA 09

Director, Corporate Strategy and Business Development
McKesson Corporation
San Francisco, California

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Carrie Hurwitz came to Haas to round out her skill set. She left solidly grounded in strategy and business development, financial analysis, and the managerial skills needed for success. And, with her internship and job at McKesson, she continues to make the most of her background in science. "It is the best of both worlds," she says.

"Haas stretched my mind. I got everything out of it that I expected and a whole lot more. Haas gave me confidence in my skills and my knowledge. I learned how to be honest and articulate, but not harsh in difficult situations."

"Haas students have what it takes to do well, but they don't have the need to tell people about how well they've done. When I co-chaired the Challenge for Charity annual auction, I was impressed with how eager and generous my classmates were in offering their services and making donations — everything from skiing and cooking lessons to their own jewelry and artwork. Thanks to their generosity we raised $12,000 for our charities."

"In some ways, being in business school is two years of being selfish. However, Haas provides endless opportunities to give back while focusing on ourselves. Going to Vietnam, through the International Business Development (IBD) program to work with the World Wildlife Fund on an ecotourism project was one of the ways I was able to give back."

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