Adrian Greystoke

Adrian Greystoke
MBA 09

Boston Consulting Group
San Francisco, California

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Although he drove from the UK to Central Africa when he served in the British Army, returning to Africa as part of a Haas IBD team allowed Adrian Greystoke a completely different experience of the continent. His team worked on a strategy to help farmers grow food more sustainably and earn more from their crops. He leveraged that field-to-fork look at food security in Zambia on his summer internship, working on a strategy project with the San Francisco Food Bank.

"Getting and putting your MBA to use isn't just about money. We're just as concerned with Main Street as we are with Wall Street."

"The Energy Sustainability and Business Innovation course surprised me. Professors Christine Rosen and Drew Isaacs helped us understand today's green tech world in the context of the bad old days of the oil business. We heard firsthand from some of Silicon Valley's top entrepreneurs."

"I'd describe the relationship with the faculty at Haas as symbiotic. We're not just cogs in a wheel for them. They appreciate students' insights and contributions. And when they came to our parties, it was great to get to know them on a more personal level."

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