Ari Frankel

Ari Frankel
MBA 10

Global Sustainability & CIO Groups
New York City, New York

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Being a real estate student at Haas opened every door Ari Frankel knocked on. The Haas reputation and his own willingness to reach out garnered consistently positive reactions, sincere interest, and a willingness to help everywhere Frankel turned.

"Specializing in real estate demonstrated my long-term commitment to the industry. It gave me the opportunity to really get my teeth into a field where passion, fit, and commitment are important factors for success. With what I know now, I'm better positioned for an industry — real estate and sustainability — that is growing and evolving at a rapid pace."

"The speakers who came to Haas walked us through real deals they completed, or failed to complete. Listening to their insights, asking questions, and getting frank answers were great learning opportunities."

"Berkeley is such a high-bandwidth place. There is so much mental and physical energy there. My Clean Tech to Market team of business, law, and engineering students worked with an emerging technology for windows developed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. It could drastically reduce lighting and energy demand in buildings. Nowhere else in the world would I have had this opportunity."

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