Ryan Drake-Lee

Ryan Drake-Lee
MBA 09

Business Development Product Manager
Tomra North America
New York City

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Being Logistics Manager of the 2008 Energy Symposium gave Ryan Drake-Lee plenty of access to the forefront of innovative technologies and ideas in the alternative energy and sustainability sectors, along with valuable opportunities to network with people deeply involved in the field.

"Haas teaches people how to be independent-thinking leaders, capable of garnering widespread support for their ideas. The Haas curriculum gave me the flexibility to follow my personal interests in classes with real academic rigor."

"I was fortunate to have Accounting Professor Nicole Bastian Johnson as my 'thought partner' on an independent study project with the McCullum Youth Court, which offers collaborative justice as an alternative to standard juvenile court for first-time offenders. I created an activity-based cost study and helped develop best practices that will enable the youth court to have a positive effect on larger numbers of at-risk youth."

"I enjoyed sharing San Francisco, my hometown, with my classmates. The Bay Area has its own flavor, from our fascination with clean tech to our taste for slow food. It's true that they do things differently in Northern California. There is a real community attitude here."

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