Tracy Cheung

Tracy Cheung
MBA 08

Principle Product Manager
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
San Francisco, California

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Tracy Cheung knew before she arrived at Haas that she wanted to make a career switch into the energy and environmental services sector. Her coursework, career resources, and her involvement in the Berkeley Energy and Resource Collaborative (BERC) and the Net Impact Club helped her, "build my knowledge base, network with people who had similar interests, and make me more marketable to the organizations I am excited about."

"The Career Center provided me with useful advice on what I needed to do to position myself for my ideal position post graduation. In the energy sector, the Career Center had formed relationships with large companies within the industry and had reached out to many more potential employers. I ultimately landed my position at PG&E through a posting by the Career Center and couldn't be happier with where I've ended up.

"What I valued most about the MBA curriculum at Haas was its practicality and the fact that the concepts were taught so that I could apply them in the workplace. For example, Information and Technology Based Marketing gave me a whole new outlook on how to use data to analyze markets and make impactful recommendations, while Negotiations taught me how to better navigate negotiation situations on both personal and professional levels.

"The faculty at Haas is both accessible and engaged. They were always willing to make time for students and provide guidance in any ways that they could. I particularly valued Leadership Communication, Negotiations with Professor Kray, and Microeconomics with Professor Tadelis. Each of these classes has taught me something that I use in the workplace today.

"I always found that my classmates were driven and ambitious and would positively challenge me in so many ways. At the same time though, my classmates were collaborative and supportive of me and my goals. I think that's a really rare combination to have in any body of students that's as accomplished as Haas students tend to be."

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