Sebastien Boifort

Sebastien Boifort
MBA 07

Investment Analyst
Passport Capital, LLC
San Francisco, California

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For many students, business school is the avenue to a 180-degree career switch. Sebastien Boifort, however, characterizes his experience as more of a "career fine-tuning. Despite my solid finance experience gained here and in Europe, I felt I needed to beef up my business skills with a top-notch MBA."

The curriculum at Haas, he says, "opened my eyes to a whole new, entrepreneurial world of finance, outside of the mergers and acquisition work I had done previously. The finance and accounting faculty is truly outstanding, and the school's network is simply amazing. Guest speakers, including managers of leading mutual fund companies and hedge funds, routinely visit classes to talk about their investment strategies."

Being at Haas also allowed him to recalibrate his work-life balance, giving him more time with his wife and two-year-old daughter. Thanks to the flexible scheduling at Haas, he was able to drop his daughter off at day care in the morning before class and pick her up after his day at school was over. "While juggling business school and parenthood can be complicated, it was extremely rewarding for me to spend so much time with my daughter."

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