Gonzalo Balarezo

Gonzalo Balarezo
MBA 09

Insights Consultant
KANA Software
Sunnyvale, California

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Gonzalo Balarezo knows that a collaborative culture is shaped by the attitudes of its students. Balarezo, who organized events as Vice President-Social for the Latin-American and Hispanic Business Association — complete with 600 servings of mojitos in one opportunity — says he "never had to ask for help; people just stepped up and got things done."

"There was a virtuous circle of classmates learning from me and me learning from my classmates. I could never have imagined that Haas would change my life so profoundly. I will always be grateful for this experience."

"The Haas curriculum helped me get to know myself better: my strengths and weaknesses, what I like and what I am passionate about. Once, I tended to over-analyze things down to the smallest detail. Haas taught me to think strategically about everything. I started my MBA wanting to explore different industries and functions. Haas opened my eyes to so many opportunities that I didn't even know existed, especially in the technology sector."

"Professor Rashi Glazer's Marketing class helped me understand that you can differentiate almost anything in the marketplace if you work the variables in the right way. He was so willing to teach us that I felt compelled to pay attention."

"When I go to a Haas Alumni event, I can feel the emotion in the room. Alumni miss Haas; staying in touch with the school makes them feel good."

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