Hinna Aftab

Hinna Aftab
MBA 10

Manager, Performance Assessment
Warid Telecom, Ltd.
Lahore, Pakistan

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Fulbright scholar and fashion industry enthusiast Hinna Aftab knows style when she sees it. She appreciated her classmates' low-key, confident style and the collaborative culture at Haas. "People don't hesitate to share and support each other," she says.

"My ultimate goal is to set up my own apparel brand in Pakistan. At Haas, I learned all of the general business and management skills I'll need. I also created a network of colleagues that will help me reach my dream."

"There is a healthy competition among Haas students. People want to get ahead, but they also are very generous about sharing opportunities and helping others."

"No one can do everything on her own. Haas gave me the skills I need to work well with my peers and to motivate the people who will report to me. Those skills are just as important as accounting and other subjects."

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