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Application Guide

    Step-by-Step Application Help 

    Application Deadline: April 25, 2024

    Sometimes, the hardest part about submitting an application is knowing where to start and how to manage your time. We've created this step-by-step guide, in order of priority, to help you on your application journey.

    get started in 3 Steps

    Create Your Login

    Create a login and familiarize yourself with the Accelerated Access application components.

    Review this application overview video to get grounded in what the admissions team is looking for and how to approach the application:


    Set Your Strategy

    Map out a solid plan for your application and how you’ll approach your strategy. The application breaks out into 3 main areas of evaluation — Academic Preparation, Professional Experience, and Personal Qualities.

    Create Your Timeline

    Use this handy checklist to help you prioritize your to-dos and set expectations. This doc follows the general layout of the application, and tells you which sections applicants typically find the easiest to hardest.   

    The Big Stuff

    Before you dive right into the application, here’s the most time consuming stuff you should be aware of up front:

    • Schedule Your Exams
    • Request Your Transcripts
    • Identify Your Recommenders

    More details are outlined in the sections below.


    Schedule Your Exams

    Schedule your tests as soon as possible. We accept the GMAT or GRE exam, which can be taken online or at a local test center.

    Is your degree from a non-U.S. institution? This may mean you need to take another exam, either the TOEFL or IELTS. Check out our English Language Proficiency Requirements to confirm if this applies to you.

    All tests must be completed on or before the application deadline and scores must be received at least two weeks prior to decision notification date.

    Ready to send us your scores? Here are the institution codes to use:

    • GMAT: N2VPT47
    • GRE: 0574
    • TOEFL: 4833, department 02
    • IELTS: Send electronically from the testing center, no institution code is required. Our address for IELTS identification purposes is: University of California, Berkeley, Graduate Division, Sproul Hall Rm 318, MC 5900, Berkeley, CA 94720. Please do not mail any score reports.

    Request Your Transcripts

    You must provide one official transcript for every institution you’ve attended since high school.

    Official transcripts have to be requested directly from your university – and this usually takes some time to complete. It’s best to request an official copy for yourself and have them send another directly to Haas.

    • Upload a PDF copy of your official academic records directly to the application. Please include scans of both the front and back of each page.
    • Online grade reports and self-reported versions of your records will not work – official materials only!
    • You must submit all transcripts up to the semester you’ve most recently completed.
    • Are you a graduate of a non-US institution? You may be required to provide an official degree certificate in addition to your transcript as well as an english translation.

    See our Transcript FAQs for more information and be sure to review the transcript directions provided in the Application Portal.

    You can request that your institution mail official academic documents to:

    Full-Time MBA Admissions
    Haas School of Business
    430 Student Services Bldg #1902
    Berkeley, CA 94720-1902

    Learn How We Evaluate

    We want to make sure you're ready for the academic rigor of an MBA program and will thrive here at Haas. Here's our best advice on how to think about your academics and test scores:



    Identify Your Recommenders

    Identify your two recommenders and reach out as early as possible. You may select recommenders who have engaged with you in a professional, academic, or extracurricular situation. Get our best tips on who, how, and when to ask.


    Recommenders may submit letters of recommendation through the online application portal, or by completing and mailing a hard copy recommendation using this form. If the online recommendation is chosen, your recommender will be given access to an online form via email.


    Resume, preferably just one page in length. Here are a few tips to get you started:

    • When possible, communicate measurable impact versus description.
    • Avoid using industry jargon and assume that the admissions officer does not share your academic or professional background.
    • It's perfectly acceptable to include personal details such as hobbies or interests.
    • An "Objective" statement is not necessary, particularly if it merely reiterates your desire to get into Haas through Accelerated Access. We already know that!

    Want more pointers? Check out our best resume tips.


    Career Goals

    As you're identifying your recommenders and refining your resume, this is a good time to reflect on your larger career goals.

    There are a couple key places in the application where you will be asked to describe your aspirations and future goals — so it's a good idea to start brainstorming now!

    Use our Career Goals Brainstorming Guide to get a jumpstart on this.

    start Your essayS

    Essay Tips

    There are 2 required essays, 300 words each. The application includes several optional essays and short answer sections — but we recommend you focus on the required stuff first!

    Learn what the admissions team is looking for in each essay, and how to tell a compelling story through your writing.


    Brainstorming Guides

    Use these brainstorming guides for the required Essay #1 and Essay #2. They will help you organize your thoughts and identify essay topics.

    Commit to the Writing Process

    Commit to writing your first draft in one sitting, if you can. Don't worry about word count, grammar, or sentence structure just yet. Focus on communicating your story and getting the words down. No criticism. No judgement. Just write!

    Step away. Seek feedback. Before refining or attempting to finalize the essays, it's critical that you take a break. This is a great time for preliminary feedback from a friend, roommate, mentor or family member (or all of the above).

    Revisit and revise over time. Commit to the essay writing journey. Your first draft will not be your final. Remember to step away from the details as you work on other sections of the application. Ask yourself how these essays fit into the bigger picture and tell your broader story.

    move on to other low(ish) hanging fruit:

    The hardest part is behind you, hooray! Now it's time to move on to the other application deliverables.

    Complete Personal Data II

    Most of this section requires easy fill-in answers and some short answer responses. Here's a quick breakdown:

    Education Information. GPA calculation and exam stats.

    Work Experience. Including job offers and career goals. You'll find a short answer section for you to list current job offers received and/or accepted. This is also a place to describe your career goals and how they will prepare you for business school. A few tips to help guide you:

    • We hope to understand not just what your career goals are, but why?
    • Help us understand what motivates and inspires you to pursue your intended career path.
    • We know that your jobs and titles will change over time, but our primary interest is in understanding your decision-making process and motivations.

    Extracurricular Activities

    Identify your top five extracurricular activities. This response is included in the essay section of the application, and helps us understand what matters to you and how you choose to spend your time.

    A few tips on your extracurriculars:

    • They can be related to academics or jobs you've held, but can also showcase your hobbies and interests.
    • Consider how you want these five items to support the overall story you're telling us.
    • Remember that every element of your application should serve a purpose — so think about how these activities might demonstrate something you haven't already communicated to us.
    • Follow the instructions — basic info will suffice. You may also add 1-2 sentences outlining why this is important to you, the impact you had, what you learned etc.

    Need more help? Feel free to use this Extracurricular Activities Worksheet to organize your thoughts.

    need A MENTAL BREAK? Fill Out the Easy Stuff

    The application process can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. When you need a "break" start filling out these application sections:

    • Personal Data I
    • Employment History
    • Optional Information

    For the most part, this is fill-in-the-blank information shouldn't tax your brain too much, and could probably be completed in front of your favorite binge-worthy show.

    Questions? Reach out to us at any time. We're here to help!