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Video FAQs

Watch current students (and their partners) answer commonly asked questions about Haas and the Berkeley MBA experience.

Berkeley Haas and Bay Area Experience

Why did you decide to come to Berkeley Haas for your MBA?

To switch careers.
—Skyler Soto, MBA 14

The commitment to social impact.
—Eliza Rosenbaum, MBA 14

To challenge my own ideas with the views of others.
—Nils Hellmer, MBA 15

For Haas' reputation in real estate.
—Cleya Ormiston, MBA 14

In what ways have you seen the Defining Leadership Principles actually play out at Berkeley Haas?

Beyond Yourself
—Eliza Rosenbaum, MBA 14

Students Always
—Skyler Soto, MBA 14

What is the best thing about attending business school in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Access to the most extraordinary business leaders on the planet.
—Eliza Rosenbaum, MBA 14

Networking with alumni at amazing companies.
—Skyler Soto, MBA 14

Taking advantage of access to SF, Napa, and Tahoe.
—Amy Josephson, MBA 12

What has been the highlight of your Berkeley MBA experience so far?

Treks to amazing places my classmates call home.
—Cleya Ormiston, MBA 14

Designing our digital media conference.
—Quentin Barber, MBA 14

When 140 classmates came out to meet admitted students.
—Eliza Rosenbaum, MBA 14

Getting that internship offer from Goldman.
—Landon Mizuguchi, MBA 14

Curriculum and Career

What has been your favorite course so far and why?

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility
—Eliza Rosenbaum, MBA 14

Corporate Finance
—Skyler Soto, MBA 14

—Cleya Ormiston, MBA 14

—Nils Hellmer, MBA 15

Private Equity
—Landon Mizuguchi, MBA 14

How did you land the summer internship you wanted?

By working closely with an investment banking mentor.
—Landon Mizuguchi, MBA 14

By learning about the opportunity through a Haas alum.
—Cleya Ormiston, MBA 14

Assistance in connecting with key decision-makers in New York.
—Nils Hellmer, MBA 15

Through a founder of the Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative.
—Abigail Tinker, MBA 14

How have you or your classmates leveraged the Haas Alumni Network?

A real estate alum has taken the time to mentor me.
—Cleya Ormiston, MBA 14

Mentorship for the investment banking recruiting season.
—Nils Hellmer, MBA 15

I found I had a friend at each of the major banks.
—Landon Mizuguchi, MBA 14

How does Haas help entrepreneurial-minded MBAs? Do you think business schools can successfully teach entrepreneurship?

Lester Center resources have been amazing.
—Genevieve Wang, MBA 12

Entrepreneurship is definitely a major aspect of the community.
—Gordon Chen, MBA 12

Haas students come from many different professional backgrounds. How has that helped you learn more in your classes?

I learned even more about things I thought I already knew.
—Kojo Adjei-Barwuah, MBA 12


Why is Berkeley Haas the ideal place for partners?

The Partners Club expands your social network.
—Franca Mazzotti (Wife of Juan Manuel de los Rios, MBA 12)

What is the housing situation like for first-year students?

From studios to shared houses--there's a wide range
—Jonathan Lim, MBA 14