Trips and Treks

Traveling for Cultural and Career Insights

Business is global, and your MBA education should be, too. When our students take treks, they connect, build understanding, and shape their careers.

In additional to curricular global experiences such as our International Business Development course, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to travel during semester breaks. Students with international connections plan trips for fellow students to home countries, introducing them to corporate leaders, local alums, even presidents and prime ministers. On the personal side, you’ll find inside perspective on other cultures you will value for years to come. 

Closer to home, students organize career treks as part of industry clubs, finding a wealth of places to explore nearby, including Airbnb, Google, Lyft, Nvidia, and Workday, and traveling farther afield to Wall Street and L.A. to meet with finance firms such as Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, to Omaha to meet Warren Buffet, and to Portland and Seattle to visit Amazon and Nike.
Skyler Soto

Skyler Soto

MBA 14


“On the China trek we did all the touristy things, but the classmates who organized the trek also arranged visits to Baidu and HTC headquarters. We even got to have tea with the vice president of Taiwan—definitely not touristy.”