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LGBT Students

Our LGBT student community is supported by an active, vocal ally culture—ensuring an open and inclusive environment at Berkeley–Haas. You will feel comfortable showing up to Haas as yourself every day.

The openness and genuine interest of Berkeley MBA classmates encourage LGBT students to share their stories, leading to greater understanding and support of LGBTQ issues at Haas and across the UC Berkeley campus.

Berkeley's proximity to San Francisco—the world's epicenter of LGBTQ activity and social rights movements—enables students to get involved in LGBT activities not just within Haas, but also within the larger community.

Our students also get to hear directly from faculty thought leaders at Haas and across the UC Berkeley campus who are conducting the latest research on LGBTQ issues. The ability to hear the findings first-hand and in real time provides opportunities for students to contribute to this research, and to drive the world forward in awareness and understanding.

Student Clubs


Q@Haas is a very active student club that serves the LGBT community at Berkeley Haas. The club has four main goals:

  • To build and support lasting connections between and among Haas' students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
  • To enhance the professional and personal development of LGBT students at Haas.
  • To increase LGBT visibility within the larger Haas community, ensuring Haas remains an open and inclusive environment.
  • To build awareness around issues of diversity both at school and in the workplace.

Learn more about Q@Haas.

Financial Aid

Reaching Out LGBT MBA Fellowship

Berkeley Haas actively collaborates with Reaching Out, an organization that educates, inspires, and connects LGBT MBA students across the United States.

The Reaching Out LGBT MBA Fellowship—which offers a $10,000 minimum scholarship per academic year—was created as a joint effort between top business school programs and Reaching Out to demonstrate that business schools are outstanding opportunties for out LGBT young professionals and their active allies to build their careers.

Learn more about the fellowship and how the process works.

More Resources

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