Academic Aptitude

    Your past academic performance provides us with an indication as to whether you will thrive in the academic rigor of our program. Candidates may apply to the program if they hold the equivalent of a four-year U.S. bachelor's degree and have not obtained an MBA or comparable degree from another institution. In reviewing your transcripts, we take into account your choice of coursework, the rigor of your undergraduate major, the competitiveness of your academic institutions, and your grade point average (GPA).

    Although we do not have a minimum requirement, a GPA of B (3.0) or better is generally the standard for serious consideration. We also evaluate your performance on the GMAT or GRE and, if required, the TOEFL or IELTS to assess your ability to succeed academically in our program.

    The Admissions Committee looks carefully at quantitative proficiency when making its admissions decisions. Haas faculty who teach quantitative courses will assume you have mastered the basic material, therefore all applicants should have completed, at a minimum, a college-level mathematics or statistics course.

    Submitting Transcripts

    You must submit one official transcript from every degree granting college, university, and graduate institution you have attended since graduating from secondary or high school, regardless of length of study. 

    Upload a legible copy of each official transcript, including scans of the back of each page. Make sure the transcript lists:

    • Your name
    • Name of the institution
    • Degree and conferral date
    • Name of every class
    • Credits
    • Grade received towards the completion of a degree

    Graduates of non-US institutions must also provide a legible copy of the diploma (degree certificate), and all academic records must be issued in the original language and accompanied by English translations. Minimum academic requirements for international applicants are a 4-year bachelor's degree or a master's degree (2 years after your bachelor's degree).

    For review purposes, scans or photocopies of official academic records are acceptable, and should be uploaded via the online application. Electronic transcripts sent directly from the issuing institution via services such as Parchment should be sent to If you are admitted, you will be required to immediately submit official academic records issued by your institution.

    Video: How We Think About Your Academic Aptitude

    Eric Askins, Executive Director of Full-time MBA Admissions, shares how we assess academic aptitude when reviewing applicants for admissions.