Full-Time MBA Program

Leadership Skills for Strong Team Performance

There's no doubt that much of the work done in organizations today is done by teams, making collaboration skills valuable to both students and employers—yet, teams vary greatly in their effectiveness.

Often this has little to do with the availability of expertise within a team, but is the byproduct of underdeveloped skills and capabilities needed for team success. 

Teams@Haas is a science-based curriculum woven throughout the program that starts at orientation, when you become part of an initial study team, and extends through applied innovation courses, in which interdisciplinary teams work on large-scale projects with external clients.

Professional Development Coaching Throughout

Along the way you gain a mindset, capabilities, and the interpersonal leadership skills needed to foster collaboration and effectively harness the power of innovation.

Professional development coaches work with you throughout your Berkeley MBA studies, as you practice team skills across various projects and contexts, and you learn a framework for launching teams that teaches you how to:

  • Develop shared goals
  • Coordinate work to leverage individual strengths
  • Foster a climate that supports learning and innovation

Practice: How to Pivot, Give Feedback, and Diagnose Team Dynamics

In parallel, you cultivate strategies for how to give and receive feedback, diagnose team dynamics, and recognize the need to pivot.

Ultimately, the team projects at Haas provide a unique field of practice for developing the behaviors and skills you'll need in organizations large and small. Teams@Haas is designed both to strengthen the quality of team outcomes and to enhance the collaborative leadership capabilities of our students.