Full-Time MBA Program


Our faculty and students embrace the idea that marketing is an essential driver of strategy and growth—and that every significant decision an organization faces is in some way a marketing decision.

The Curriculum: Marketing as a Key Driver of Strategy

The Berkeley MBA approach to marketing is:

  • Strategic—giving you an understanding of how to align firm strategy and marketing strategy and position organizations for what comes next.

  • Quantitative—Teaching you how to leverage quantitative research and tools for data-driven strategic decisions.

  • Innovative—connecting you to the cutting-edge Bay Area ecosystem so you learn how marketing can help traditional and new economy firms evolve their financial models.

Berkeley Haas has a strong track record of thought leadership in the marketing field, and its graduates secure top positions worldwide.

More about the Marketing Group and courses

The Berkeley MBA and Careers in Marketing

More than 20 percent of graduates from the Full-time Berkeley MBA Program go into marketing.

They become product managers and brand managers, creating new revenue streams for companies from Amazon to American Express, from Clorox to PepsiCo and from SAP to Salesforce.

Recruiters select our grads for their deep understanding of quantitative fundamentals and for their continual push toward new ideas and more innovative ways of driving strategy.

Building Marketing Skills Beyond the Classroom

Berkeley Haas marketing students get involved in a wide variety of events, activities, and experiences, including:

  • Alumni happy hours and dinners
  • Career treks to companies in the Bay Area and beyond
  • Participation in the Haas Marketing Club
  • Networking with industry executives at conferences
  • Frequent participation (and wins) in case competitions such as the Elite 8 and the Wake Forest Marketing Summit.

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