Redefining Leadership

Innovative Leadership Development

At Berkeley Haas, we believe in developing a different kind of leader. Leaders who aren't afraid to think in new ways. Who champion bold ideas while taking intelligent risks. Who speak their minds and are not afraid to challenge convention. Who make decisions based on evidence and rigorous analysis along with an understanding of human needs and behaviors, and whose deep knowledge allows them to lead with confidence and without arrogance.

We develop leaders who know there is always more to learn and who recognize that one of the best ways to learn is to bring many voices to the table. Who lead ethically and responsibly, taking the long view and putting larger interests above their own.

Our students cultivate these skills by building a strong foundation in general management fundamentals. They bring intense focus to effective teamwork, both working on teams and leading them. And they customize their studies to deepen skills and subject matter expertise. 

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Katie Benintende

MBA 15

Senior Strategy Lead

“Innovative leadership is about being able, and willing, to see the world though more than one lens at the same time. You don’t look just at the cost-savings of an idea, or just the environmental impact; innovative leaders take a holistic view. That provides much more creative and innovative solutions.”