Full-Time MBA Program

Global Management

With ample study abroad opportunities, numerous global management research centers, a slew of clubs and competitions, and more than a third of each full-time MBA class made up of international students, Berkeley Haas is ideal for students interested in global management study.

Global management is everywhere at Berkeley Haas, starting with the curriculum. From the program's core course Macroeconomics in the Global Economy to elective courses such as Business Solutions for Global Mega Trends and Global Leadership, students are taught business fundamentals from a decidedly global perspective.

International Business Development Program

Every year, one of the Haas School's most heralded experiential courses, International Business Development (IBD), sends about half of all full-time Berkeley MBA students to various countries to work in small teams with a variety of clients for three weeks each summer on consulting projects. IBD clients range from large multinationals to nonprofit organizations. IBD is one of a suite of applied innovation courses.

Global Network for Advanced Management

Berkeley Haas is a member of the Global Network for Advanced Management, a network of top business schools across five continents that gives students opportunities to explore a range of global economies, including both developed nations and fast-growing economies, such as Indonesia, Turkey, and Chile.

Programs include Global Network Weeks, with students traveling to other member schools for mini courses in areas of special expertise on those campuses, and Global Network Courses, online for-credit courses through member schools in which students work in dispersed, culturally diverse teams to tackle pressing global challenges.

Berkeley MBA Study Abroad Opportunities

Students may also choose to take advantage of other study abroad programs, including study treks and semester abroad exchanges with partner schools such as London Business School or the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

MA in Global Studies

You may consider pursuing an MA in Global Studies after completing your MBA. The MA-GS program broadens your knowledge of different regions or countries through courses from various UC Berkeley departments, including social science and area studies.

It is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with the fundamentals of contemporary international issues, as well as detailed knowledge about particular world regions. You may focus on a topic—such as international trade and debt, investment strategies, global communications, environmental issues, or urban and regional development—or a geographic area.

Global Careers

Berkeley MBA graduates leverage Berkeley Haas as a springboard to careers in diverse industries across the globe.

The Career Management Group supports international career goals, providing students with access to employers, and offering guidance from experienced advisors, coaches, managers, and practitioners at all stages of the career planning process.

Student clubs also host a variety of employment and networking events to help with career planning.

A Global Community

Diverse perspectives are a key ingredient to nearly every area at Berkeley Haas; consequently, there is a palpable global feel to the school's dynamic community.

Central to this community are the students themselves. There are a number of internationally-oriented student-run clubs at Berkeley Haas that facilitate conferences, host events, and organize networking and social functions:

Students may also choose to participate in case competitions with global emphasis, such as the Global Social Venture Competition.

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